Hicks, Adeline

Physical Education, 1917-1927

Physical Director for Women, 1927-1937

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A 1909 graduate of Michigan State Normal College (also BA, 1925), Adeline E. Hicks established the physical education program for women at the Massachusetts Agricultural College in 1917. Made a member of the faculty in 1921, and Physical Director for Women in 1927, Hicks was one of the earliest exponents of modern dance as part of the physical education curriculum. Under her direction, the old Drill Hall was renovated into a women's gymnasium in 1931, and she oversaw the opening of a new athletic field for women in 1936. After twenty years of distinguished service, Hicks resigned from MSC in 1937, receiving a citation from the Board of Trustees for her efforts. In 1949 she retired to Arizona with her husband, Curry S. Hicks, who was head of the department of physical education of the College from 1911 until 1949.

In retirement Mrs. Hicks' interest in modern dance turned toward the creation of music, and for ten years she composed in many different forms and for many different instruments and combinations, including symphonic forms. All of her symphonic pieces were performed by the University of Arizona Orchestra between 1970 and 1976, and many of her compositions for smaller groups were also performed there, between 1967 and 1976.

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