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Moses Quinby and L. C. Root
Quinby's new bee-keeping. The mysteries of bee-keeping explained. Combining the results of fifty years' experience, with the latest discoveries and inventions, and presenting the most approved methods, forming a complete guide to succesful bee-culture.
New York, Orange Judd company, 1884.
xvi, 271 p. illus. 19 cm.

Call no.: SF523 .Q8

Moses Quinby (1810-1875), the "father of commercial beekeeping in the United States," first reached beekeeping prominence based on his Mysteries of Bee-Keeping Explained (1853). An eminently practical beekeeper, Quinby was socialized into the trade during the period of transition from the box hive to the moveable frame, and contributed his own innovations in hive design. At his peak, Quinby managed over 1,200 hives.

Published after Quinby's death, this edition of Quinby's New Bee-Keeping was expanded and revised by his son-in-law Lyman C. Root (1840-1928), the "practical apiarian." In addition to paying to tribute to the deceased apiarist, Root announces his intention of providing a treatise on advanced bee culture, but directs his readers to Cook’s Manual of the Apiary for a more detailed account of the natural history of bees.

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