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T. B. Miner
The American bee keeper's manual; being a practical treatise on the history and domestic economy of the honey-bee, embracing a full illustration of the whole subject, with the most approved methods of managing this insect through every branch of its culture, the result of many years' experience.
New York, C.M. Saxton, 1849.
iv, [5]-349 p. front., illus. 19 cm.

Call no.: SF523 .M66

In the preface to his treatise on beekeeping, T. B. Miner asserts that not a single comprehensive work had been written on the subject by an American author -- an assertion that most historians of American apiculture accept. In filling that void, Miner took issue with the work of François Huber and other European writers, and in a characteristic act of self-promotion, he appears intent on advertising a box hive of his own design.

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