Waskiewicz House

Constructed: 1958

Architects: Unknown.

Address: 425 Amity Street

Design and construction

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The Waskiewicz House is a single family residence (1,310 SF) designed and constructed in the late 1950s. The structure represents the “American Small House” typology popular from the 1930s to 1950s for its economical design and adaptability for tract development. The compact multi-room house is rectangular in plan and has a slightly pitched end-gable roof. The wood frame structure is constructed over an unfinished basement accessible from a hatch at the north elevation. At the east is a shed roof garage and vestibule which appears to be an addition.

The structures are located on the north side of Amity Street due west of University Drive on a flat site accessed by a gravel drive leading to the garage. Surrounding the house on the south, west, and north sides is lawn with deciduous trees. Vegetation on the east side of the building is lawn edged with a row of tall evergreen shrubs.

The exterior of the house is finished with wood clapboard and vertical siding in the gable. The garage is entirely finished with wood vertical siding. A single brick chimney is located on the north slope of the roof. Both the front door and the door to the garage addition have horizontal lights. Windows include eight 1/1 wood double-hung sash and five smaller 1/1 wood single hung sash.

Waskiewicz House

The Waskiewicz House and Garage (1958) are located at the southwest edge of the UMASS campus near the corner of University Dr. and Amity St. and outside of the core of the historic campus. Amherst city records associate the property with Edward T. Waskiewicz, with the sale date of January 1, 1957. Ten years later, the property was sold to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, during the administration of University President Whitmore. Prior to the date, the property was not graphically recorded by either Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps or historical maps of the adjacent UMASS campus.

A review of Amherst, Hadley and Hatfield historical city directories from 1869 to 1975 at the Jones Library in Amherst record the following listings for the site address (425 Amity Street):

  • 1869 - 1925: No listings by street address
  • 1925-1962: No site listings
  • 1962: Paul Mason
  • 1966: Edgar L McGarvey
  • 1968-1975: Mrs. Grace A Gooddale
  • 1975-present: No listings by street address

The building was demolished in the early 2010s.


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