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Storrsville (Mass.) Lyceum Debating Society

Storrsville Lyceum Debating Society Minutebook

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Club that met weekly or bi-weekly in Storrsville, Massachusetts, to debate questions of local, national, and international interest including religion, abolition and slavery, human nature, penal reform, the lure of the West, intemperance, and war and peace. Single minutebook includes two versions of the constitution, proposed and debated questions, the teams, the outcome, and notations of any additional activities that took place during the formal meetings.

Biographical Note
1860 Born September 6, Leicester, Massachusetts
1884 Bachelor of Science, Massachusetts State College
1888 Special Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1889 Summer Teacher at Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester, Massachusetts
1893-1916 Professor of Botany, Massachusetts Agricultural College
1893 Ph.D., University of Leipzig, Germany
1895-1916 Plant Physiologist and Pathologist, Massachusetts Experiment Station
1897-1911 Secretary to the Graduate School, Massachusetts Agricultural College
1902 Member of Faculty and Lecturer on Plant Pathology at Graduate School of Agriculture (Under the auspices of Association of American College and Experiment Stations; University of Illinois)
1903 Botanist to The Massachusetts Board of Agriculture
1904 Lecturer on Plant Pathology; Graduate School of Agriculture; Ames, Iowa
1941 Died Amherst, Massachusetts
Scope and Contents of the Collection

The papers of George Edward Stone document his activities as Professor of Botany and Head of the Botany Department at the Massachusetts Agricultural College, his work as a professional botanist and arborist, and his personal interests. Papers include correspondence, lecture notes, reports, notes on experiments, drawings depicting original apparatus, scrapbooks of printed botanical illustrations, students’ papers, genealogies, memorabilia, and photographs, together with autobiographical notes, including reflections on Massachusetts Agricultural College and on Emily Dickinson, and correspondence, notes and clippings on psychic phenomena.

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Series Descriptions
1892-1936, n.d.

Comprised of notes documenting experiments on plants and trees. For some it is not entirely clear under what circumstances or at what time period the experiments were conducted. Many were carried out while attending The University of Leipzig in Germany. The bulk of the experiments pertain to the field of physiological botany such as “Measuring the Force of Gravity in Plants,” “Partial Pressure of Oxygen on Protoplasm,” “Correlative Growths Resulting from Mutilation and Pruning,” and many others. Drawings and sketches depict Stone’s original designs and use of apparatus.

1890-1937, n.d.

Comprises various reports published by Stone and others on topics such as shade trees, plants in different parts of the United States, effects of light, smoke and ice storms on vegetation, and pruning and restoration of trees. Bound volumes of published clippings and articles authored by Stone, including his writings for Arborea, the bulletin of the Massachusetts Tree Wardens and Foresters Association, can also be found in this series.

1899-1937, n.d.

Contains principally handwritten and typewritten lecture notes, college-related correspondence, reports, and some personal reminiscences of life at the Massachusetts Agricultural College. Many of the letters in this series are written by Stone to various State Commissioners of Education and the Presidents of the College, and concern the buying of land, location of future buildings, reorganizations of present departments, and future courses.

1894-1956, n.d.

Comprises biographical materials (resumes, genealogy, biography and tributes), a bibliography of published writings, materials documenting memberships in professional organizations and societies, professional directories, clippings, memorabilia, comments on Emily Dickinson, and miscellaneous correspondence. Much of Stone’s correspondence was with former students and members of the numerous societies in which he was involved. These letters discuss municipal tree problems, legislation to establish licensing of arborists in Massachusetts, the valuation of shade and ornamental trees, and other related subjects.

Also in this series are nine albums of photographs, and two of printed illustrations labeled “cuts” by Stone. A few are Stone’s personal photographs of himself, and presumedly his family and friends. However, most of the photographs relate to his life-long interest in the tree profession.

1919-1937, n.d.

Contains numerous notes and clippings on what appears to have been a prime interest and hobby for Stone. There are clippings on such topics as television, mental telepathy, visual transmissions and various types of clairvoyance. Stone was a member of the American Psychical Society and the Boston Society of Psychic Research, and many of his papers are notes on experiments relating to these subjects.


The student herbarium of Waldo Barlow, displayed at the St. Louis Exposition of 1904.

Contents List
Series 1. Notes and Experiments
1892-1936, n.d.
Experiments on the Germination of Seeds
1906, n.d.
Box 1:1
Experiments of Contact Stimulation
1904-1918, n.d.
Box 1:2
Experiment: The Effects of Illumination Gas On Sycamores (2 copies) plus photographs, Effects of Cases On Trees and Vegetation (3 Copies), Growth Tables, Drawings: Mag. Experiments on Plants
1907-1936, n.d.
Box 1:3
Notes on Hemlock, Measurements of, South Amherst Swamp
1920-1921, n.d.
Box 1:4
Notes: Experiment on Plant Correlative Growth
1913, n.d.
Box 1:5
Experimental Notes on Assorted Subjects
1901-1921, n.d.
Box 1:6
Transpiration Experiments
1906, n.d.
Box 1:7
Electricity and Plant Growth,
1918-1931, n.d.
Box 1:8
Experiments and Causes Defined,
1907-1929, n.d.
Box 1:9
The Effects of Gypsy Moth and Gas on Trees in New England
Box 1:10
Notebook (“Diarium”) of Experiments 144-244
1892-1893, n.d.
Box 1:11
Series 2. Reports and Articles
1890-1937, n.d.
Shade Tree Literature published by Stone and Co-Workers
1913-1923, n.d.
Box 2:1
Tree Planting’s General Care
Box 2:2
Report on Georgia; Condition of Vegetation
Box 2:3
Virginia; Smelter Smoke Report, Related Correspondence and Maps
Box 2:4
Report on the Condition of Vegetation on Staten Island, N.Y.
Box 2:5
Reports Concerning Damage to Trees from Illuminating gas. Stone’s report as consultant
1907-1936, n.d.
Box 2:6
The effects of illuminating gas on trees (Reports and related materials)
1930-1934, n.d.
Box 2:7
Report – Lightening Injury to Trees
Box 2:8
1. Various Physical and Chemical Agencies which affect trees, 2. Variation of optimum Light in Course of Plant Development, 3. Need for Improved Methods in the treatment of Pests
1934-1936, n.d.
Box 2:9
Worcester County Highlands Report
Box 2:10
Factors Associated with Pruning and Restoration
1913-1924, n.d.
Box 3:1
Restoration of Trees from Ice Storms
Box 3:2
Miscellaneous Tree Reports
1929-1937, n.d.
Box 3:3
Concord, Mass. Metcalf, Bartlett etc.; Shade Tree Conference- Correspondence; Related Correspondence
1924-1932, n.d.
Box 3:4
Re: Evolution
Box 3:5
Publication by Stone
1897-1927, n.d.
Box 4:1
Publications by Stone
Box 4:2
Tree News; Some Articles about Stone
Box 4:3
Publications by Others: Collected by Stone; Electricity and effects on Plants
Box 5:1
Publications by Others: Bartlett Tree Co: Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station
1916-1937, n.d.
Box 5:2
Vol.8., No.247 The American Florist (by Others)
Box 5:3
Publications by Others-, Bartlett Tree Lab.
1916-1934, n.d.
Box 5:4
4 Bound Volumes of Articles
Box 6
4 Bound Volumes of Articles
Box 7
Series 3. College Papers and Lecture Notes
1899-1937, n.d.
College Related Correspondence, Articles and other Materials
1929-1937, n.d.
Box 8:1
Concerning John Davey Correspondence and Related Materials
1924-1931, n.d.
Box 8:2
Concerning M.A.C. to Comm. of Education
Box 8:3
Misc. Correspondence
Box 8:4
Report on Graduates 1930s Massachusetts State College
Box 8:5
Concerning: President Hugh Baker
Box 8:6
M.A.C. Grounds
Box 8:7
Shade- Tree Notes and Course Arrangement on that Subject
Box 8:8
Lecture Notes: Handwritten and Typescripts
Box 8:9
Some Phases of Life at M.A.C. (Contains Personal Reminiscences)
Box 8:10
Shade Tree Management, 1893-1915, Course Introduction and Notes A & B.
Box 14:11
Shade Tree Management, 1893-1915, Notes C, D, E
Box 14:12
Shade Tree Management, 1893-1915, Notes G (no F)
Box 14:13
Shade Tree Management, 1893-1915, Notes G
Box 14:14
Series 4. Subject Files and Correspondence
1894-1956, n.d.
Societies in which Stone Involved
Box 9:1
The F.A. Bartlett Tree Dealings
1920-1936, n.d.
Box 9:2
Consultant to F.A. Bartlett Tree Co., Complaint Against
Box 9:3
Massachusetts Tree Warden’s and Forester’s Association
1913-1934, n.d.
Box 9:4
Data for Tree Warden Law (1923)
1924, n.d.
Box 9:5
The Davey Tree Expert Co.
Box 9:6
Massachusetts Forestry Association
1900-1931, n.d.
Box 9:7
Connecticut Tree Protective Association
1919-1930, n.d.
Box 9:8
State and Local Regulations Concerning Shade Trees
1899-1926, n.d.
Box 9:9
Stone’s Resumes and Personal Records; life histories; tribute
1927-1946, n.d.
Box 10:1
1894-1937, n.d.
Box 10:2
By Gordon King, 1957 Life; Organizations, Bibliography of Writings
Box 10:3
1895-1956, n.d.
Box 10:4
Memberships and Directories
1915-1933, n.d.
Box 10:5
ca. 1913
Box 10:6
Comments on Emily Dickinson and related material
1930-1931, n.d.
Box 10:7
Miscellaneous Clippings
1902-1927, n.d.
Box 10:8
Comments on Photos
Box 10:9
Envelope 1, Photographs 1-181
Box 10
Envelope 1, Photographs 182-357
Box 11
Envelope 2, Photographs 358-514
Box 11
Envelope 3, Photographs 515-687
Box 11
Envelope 4, Photographs 688-817
Box 11
Envelope 1, Photographs 818-1024
Box 12
Envelope 2, Photographs 1025-1293
Box 12
Envelope 3, Photographs 1294-1309
Box 12
Envelope 5, “Cuts” Book 1
Box 12
Envelope 6, “Cuts” Book 2
Box 12
Envelope 7, Photographs Second Series 1-52
Box 12
Series 5. Psychic Research
1919-1937, n.d.
Notes: Personal Impressions Transmissions
Box 13:1
Stone’s Notes – Mental and Visual Transmissions
1919-1933, n.d.
Box 13:2
Psychic Research
1929-1932, n.d.
Box 13:3
1935-1937, n.d.
Box 13:4
Clippings (photocopied) Concerning Psychic Phenomena,
late 1800s – early 1900s
Box 13:5
Series 6. Student Herbarium
Waldo Barlow Herbarium
Box 13:6


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