Honors Theses

SCUA is the repository for a nearly complete run of undergraduate honors theses, arranged chronologically by year and then alphabetically by author. Theses, whether paper or electronic, can only be viewed on site in the SCUA reading room and cannot be copied except with the approval of the author. SCUA does not have access to information about the quality or final grades of theses.

High demand and limited space and staff time mean we cannot accommodate class visits for the sole purpose of reviewing archived theses as examples for students preparing to create their own theses. We encourage individuals to conduct this research on their own. If you are interested in a different kind of class visit or engagement, please see our full list of offerings and more information on our Teach & Learn page.

To view honors theses, please review our online spreadsheet of theses, and then email SCUA with your requests: include the year, author’s full name, and the title for each thesis requested. SCUA will contact researchers once theses are ready to view in our reading room on the 25th floor of the Du Bois Library.

  • Paper honors theses (pre-2019) may take up to two business days to retrieve.
  • Digital honors theses (2019 forward) must be viewed on site in SCUA’s reading room and can usually be supplied more quickly.
    • Please note that SCUA has only one computer station for viewing digital archival material, and there may be a queue when visiting. Use of personal computers for viewing theses is not permitted.

Masters theses and dissertations written by UMass Amherst students are not a part of the University Archives, but most are available in electronic form through the university’s institutional repository, ScholarWorks.