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Solander, Arvo A.

Arvo A. Solander Papers

8 boxes 4 linear feet
Call no.: MS 587

Graduating from Harvard in the thick of the Great Depression, Arvo A. Solander worked as a civil and sanitary engineer for a variety of state and federal agencies, including the Civil Works Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. During the 1930s, as opportunity arose, he filled positions as a road engineer, in the design and construction of water and sewage plants, in pollution control, as a safety engineer in the shellfish industry, and in mosquito control, taking jobs throughout Massachusetts and as far away as Tennessee. After using his talents as an officer in the Sanitary Corps during the Second World War, based primarily in Arkansas, Solander returned home to Massachusetts and opened a private engineering office in South Hadley. He worked as a civil engineer and surveyor until his death in January 1976.
The Arvo Solander Papers consists of twenty-four bound volumes documenting thirty years of varied work as an engineer, including his contributions to the construction of the Quabbin Reservoir. Within the bound volumes are a wide range of reports, typescripts, sketches and diagrams, graphs, contracts and design specifications, photographs, and postcards.

Historical Note
Arvo A. Solander

Arvo A. Solander

Born in Wichendon, Mass., on August 26, 1909, the civil engineer Arvo A. Solander graduated from University of Maine and received a Masters Degree in Sanitary Engineering from Harvard University.
During the early years of his engineering career, Solander worked with the State Highway Commission of Maine, building bridges and roads in Eden and Hancock during the summer sessions of his junior year 1930-1932. In the following months, however, the Great Depression made it impossible for Solander to find any work in engineering, leaving him to take a job with the Harvard Employment Bureau. Although he helped engineer a dike for the Quabbin Reservoir, then nearing completion as a water source for metropolitan Boston, Solander was hired only as a “sand dog,” paid forty cents an hour for a forty-eight hour work week. His body fell into shape under the intense labor, though his back suffered the consequences.
After leaving the Harvard Employment Bureau, Solander worked for the State Department of Health at the Scituate Shellfish Plant in Scituate, Mass, taking responsibility for maintaining sanitation. While at Scituate, he took a series of examinations for the Massachusetts State Health Department, which opened the door for him to work in industrial waste.
From 1934 to 1935, Solander worked at a Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Rutland, about fifteen miles northwest of Worcester, Mass. Funds for this position were supplied in part by the New Deal relief agency, the Public Works Administration. He also worked as a salt marsh mosquito worker for the Massachusetts Reclamation Board, whose funds were supplied by another New Deal agency, the Civil Works Administration. From 1935 to 1937, Solander continued on his round of New Deal agencies, working as a teacher at Lake Dennison for the Civilian Conservation Corps, operating under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army. The CCC was said to be the best of the various relief agencies in operation during the depression years. Solander taught mechanical drawing three nights a week with a modicum of success, however according to Solander, men selected in relief roles did not seem always interested in broader education.
For the next twenty years, Solander worked as a civil engineer for a long succession of agencies and water-related projects. His work in surveys of water, sewage, and garbage works in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana, he wrote, only “served to show the need for Federal Legislation to conserve one of our most valuable natural resources, water.” From February 1941 through May 1942, Solander helped engineer the drainage of almost 18,000 square miles in the Cumberland River Basin while his services were loaned to the Tennessee State Department of Health. During this time, he volunteered for military service with the Army’s Sanitary Corps, writing “In retrospect, I can very truthfully say that my work and accomplishments as a commissioned Officer in the Sanitary Corps, U.S. Army, were a greater contribution to the continued freedom of the United States than my civilian activities after the 1941 maneuvers.” Solander was commissioned a First Lieutenant, but by the end of the war, he had risen to the rank of Major.
In 1947, while stationed at the District Office of the U.S. Public Health Services in New Orleans, Louisiana, Solander aggravated a hernia and had to be confined to bed for several days. While laid up, the funds for his research on septic tanks ran low, and the project was shut down. “As the son of Finnish emigrant parents,” Solander wrote, “it appears that I had reached my peak, namely, the honorary rank of Major in the Sanitary Corps of the United States Army. It did not appear quite proper to assign a man of my age, education, and experience to this type of work. As the record of the past twenty years is reviewed, it seems that as much or more physical work has been done since my Army career than at any other time in my professional career.”
While en route from Cincinnati to Winchendon, Solander was hired by the firm of Tighe and Bond, a company that contracted for sewerage work, mostly in West Springfield and Easthampton. Unfortunately, when the owner of Tighe and Bond passed away and the company was bought out, Solander was again out of work. Calling upon his training as a land surveyor, and purchasing the necessary tools, Solander set out on a new path. Becoming familiar with the Hampshire County Commissioners, he took a venture into the political field, running for the Board of Public Health in South Hadley in 1950. Short of cash and time for his campaign, Solander was edged out by 200 votes.
Arvo A. Solander died at the age of 66 on June 9, 1976, in Holyoke Hospital. A member of the First Congregational Church of South Hadley, the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Congress of Surveying and Mapping, Water Pollution Control Federation, Society of American Military Engineers and Engineering Society of Western Mass, he left behind his wife, Elizabeth (Ray) Solander, and three children: Richard F. Nancy Miller, Miss Joan L. Solander, and Mrs. Gregory V (Sarah) Camp.

Scope and Contents of the Collection
The Solander collection consists of twenty four bound volumes of letters, documents, and ephemera, documenting the ups and downs of the life of a civil engineer during and after the Great Depression. From 1930 to 1958, Solander kept and collected a wide array of information on the varied engineering jobs on which he was employed, including photographs, blue prints, graphs, daily reports, references, journals, diagrams, articles, maps, specifications, and sanitation plans. The range of projects is remarkable: Solander worked primarily on water programs and construction, but at various times, his employers sent him from his home in New England to Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Ohio, and Florida. The final volume includes various newspaper clippings pertaining to political matters, more specifically, pertaining to Solander’s campaign for election to the Board of Public Health. There are also flyers and articles on other Massachusetts electives and on the 1960 presidential election.
The material collected in these volumes provides an impressive resume and historical blueprint for the life of an engineer. The photographs and prefaces within the volumes add a personal touch. The later years and final volume entail an interesting attempt and scrapbook of political newsclippings. The majority of the volume consists of paperwork from Solander’s run for office and newspaper ads for himself and his competitors. Along with material from Solander’s own district, of the volume includes a few pieces relating to the 1960 presidential election. One piece on John F. Kennedy from his years in the Senate, and also a five page report from the U.S. News and World Report entitled “More Light on the ’60 Election,” which provides a basic breakdown of Kennedy’s? Finally, the collection includes twenty-one pieces of ephemera pertaining to political contests in Western Massachusetts, stemming from the various nominees for Governor, Senator, and House of Representative. The newspaper clippings mostly include articles on the same nominees.
Each scrapbook contains a table of contents prepared by Solander, which have been transcribed below.

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Contents List
Vol. I: Dedicated to Mother
1930-1932 Summers
Box 1
Vol. 1
Photographs: Hancock Bridge, Eden Bridge, Brunswick Bridge, Belfast Bridge, and concrete road construction in Dexter, Maine.
Portioning of Concrete by Leavitt
Offsets for and Areas due to Widening Circular Curves on Pavement
Curb Circles
Sample “Maine” concrete Pavement Report
Sample sheet — Computation of Quantities
Maine Payroll form
Concrete Endwall Design
Sample Daily Report
Method of Laying out Intersection
Form Used By Contractor for keeping cost of Work and Time of Men
Design of Coffer Dams
Cost of Bridge Construction at Hancock, Maine
Vol. II: Dedicated to Father
1933 April and May
Box 1
Vol. 2
Photographs of Construction of Concrete Caissons at Enfield, Mass.
Contract Submitted by Bidders including the Regulations under which the work shall be done and also plans for Caissons at a reduced size.
Vol. III: Dedicated to Wife
1933 June and July
Box 1
Vol. 3
Photographs of Scituate Clam Plant
Shellfish Score Sheets Used at Scituate and Plymouth, Mass
Operation Cards Used at Plymouth and Scituate, Mass
Duties of Game Wardens and Revised Shellfish Laws
Shellfish References
Notes from Report by Wells and Fair
Graph Showing Purification of Clams Transplanting
Article by Wright in A.J.P.H.
USPH Minimum requirements for shellfish control
Chlorination as factor of safety in shellfish production Wells, A.J.P.H., 1929 January
Mass. House Document No 252,1927.- Relative to the Feasibility of Transplanting shellfish
Preliminary Experiments of the effects of Temperature upon the ingestion of bacteria by the clam. Alice Marston, Marine Fisheries 4
Laws of marine fisheries, 1933
Pamphlet on septic tanks
Vol. IV: Dedicated to Daughter Nancy
1933 August and December
Box 1
Vol. 4
Questions asked in course in water supply at U of Maine
Civil Service Examination: Sanitary Engineer- New York and Mass. Civil Engineer — Mass.
Notes on Bacteriology by Miss Beckler, also Examination
Mass. Laws on Pasteurization and Dairies
References and other literature on Swimming Forms
Municipal wastes, Garbage, and Refuse by Willard Little
Notes, Analyses and Graphs on Investigation of Paper Mill Wastes at the Falulah paper company in Fitchburg, Mass.
Notes, Analyses and Graphs on the Investigation of paper mill wastes at the Crocker-Burbank paper company in Fitchburg, Mass.
Index Map of Topographic sheets for Mass.
Map showing town and City Boundaries in Mass.
Graph for Discharge of Water over a Rectangular Weir
Layout of Worcester, Mass. Sewage Treatment Plant
Dissolved Oxygen Graph for Nashua River
Forms used by the engineering division of the Mass. Health Dept.
Photographs of the Milford sewage treatment plant
Flow diagram of the new activated sludge plant at Leominster, Mass.
Vol. VI [misnumbered]: Dedicated to Brother Robert
1934 June — December
Box 1
Vol. 5
Photographs of Construction at Rutland, Mass.
Correspondence in regard to forms to be made out
Estimates of Cost and Computations for figuring the quantities to be paid
Circular on asphaltic joint material
Circular on dimensions of vitrified clay pipe
Contract for the reconstruction on sanitary sewers and storm drains
Blue Prints
Notes kept on the Job
Vol. V [misnumbered]: Dedicated to Sister Bertha
1934 December-1935 May
Box 2
Vol. 6
Photographs of Marshes and dyke at Salisbury, Mass.
References on Mosquitoes
Talk by Wright and Wales
Report to New Jersey Mosquito Extermination Ass. by Wright
Pamphlets put out by CWA on safety, injury, and compensation
Map showing coastal areas in Mass. North of Boston
Pamphlet: The Mosquito in Mass. by R.W. Wales, Consulting Entomologist
Pamphlet: Let’s Stop This Invasion, by Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
Vol. VII: Dedicated to Glen Allen, Brother in Law
1935 January — March
Box 2
Vol. 7
Drawing at Civilian Conservation Corps Camp CCC Camp bulletin
Drawings at Murdock School (incomplete)
Freshmen drawings at University of Maine
Vol. VIII: Dedicated to Dorothy, Sister-in-Law
1935 April-1937 February
Box 2
Vol. 8
Computations for a flushing system in a settling tank
Sketch for a homemade dosing tank counter
Capacities of an Imhoff-trickling filter plant
Water and sewage flow graphs for state institutions
Flow graph for a one foot weir
Notes on drainage channels
Detail sketches for distributing error in a closed survey
Stresses in cast iron pipe supported at two points
Siphon problem
Sewer rental charges by Paul Howard
Notes on sand washing
Letter on proposed joint sewage treatment works
Memo on filtering of septic sewage thru sand
Excerpts and general plan from my report on sewage at national Guard Camp
Form used for cross connection inspections
Costs of sewage works
Forms used in connection with construction
Proposal and contract as used by Department of Mental Diseases
Wrentham State School sewerage specifications
Maine Highway specifications
Specifications of Mass. Dept of Public Works
Bristol, R.I. sewerage specifications
Specifications for Miler Siphons
Proposal, contract and specifications for trunk sewer in Rutland by MDC
Plans for Imhoff-trickling filter at Milford by Barbour
Soap Diagrams
Blueprint of shear gate
Plan for well, aerator and iron removal plant for a private estate
Plan of Foxboro Hospital Cesspools — also former septic tank
Plan of main watersheds in New England
Plan of Wrentham State School sewer beds
Sketch of floats used in Boston Harbor investigation of 1935-1936
Blueprint of small sand washing plant used at Tewksbury Infirmary
Details of manholes covers and frames, catch basin grates and frames, and shear gates
1935 April — 1937 Feb.
Box 2
Vol. 9
Wrentham State School — Record Plan of Sewers
Wrentham State School — Storm Drain
Medfield State Hospital — Sewerage Improvements (proposed)
Grafton State Hospital — Drainage Channel
Tewksbury State Infirmary — Sewage Sand Filters
Westboro State Hospital — Sewage Sand Filters
Westfield State Sanatorium — settling and Dosing Tanks
Tewksbury State Infirmary — Sewage Sand Filters
Tewksbury State Infirmary — Sewage Sand Filters
Hancock, Maine — For drawings — Carrying Place Bridge
Vol. IX: Dedicated to Herbert Lyndon Ray, Jr. Brother-in-Law
1937 March — July
Box 3
Vol. 10
Memorandum — Time Schedule for completing reports
Original Reports on water Supply and Pollution by river basins
Merrimack River
Blacksone River
Thames River
Taunton River
Narragansett Bay — Eastern Connecticut Coastal
Massachusetts Coastal
Connecticut River
Map of Metropolitan Boston Water Supply
Report of the New England Regional Planning Commission for the New England Basins — December 1937 Pgs. 30
Water Resources of New England — Tables, Maps, Charts, Profiles, Sources of Information — New England Regional Planning Commission — November 1, 1937
Vol. IX [misnumbered]: Dedicated to Sadie Lewis Ray
1937 August — December
Box 3
Vol. 11
Photographs of construction work done at Westfield State Sanatorium
Weekly forms on pipe laying — good for estimates of labor cost
Notes and plan of a standard well connection
Pencil notes on the computations as to stability of the concrete elevated tank foundations
Pamphlet on transit pipe
Specifications and plan of concrete foundations for elevated tank
Plan drawn by Solander for 8″ water main connection to new tank
Miscellaneous plans of water main connections and record plans. Plan of headwall at sewage sand filters, etc.
Plan of standard cross – connection constructed at Sanatorium
General Plan of elevated steel tank
General plan of the water mains at the sanatorium
Vol. X : Dedicated to Herbert Lyndon Ray
1937 December-1938 May
Box 3
Vol. 12
Report — “Sanitary Survey of Maine Shellfish Areas”
List of areas closed to shellfish digging in Maine
Wrapper used by Underwood on canned clams
Notes on bacteriological procedures obtained from Lawrence Experiment Station
Form – “Inspector’s Report o Shellfish Shucking Plant”
Forms used in Mass. to report bacterial results
Form used at filtration plant of Biddeford Saco Water Company
Miscellaneous Maps
Tide tables
Vol. XII: Dedicated to Janet Ripple Ray Sister in Law
1938 June — 1939 March
Box 4
Vol. 13
Computation sheet for storm water runoff used by World’s Fair designers
Miscellaneous notes on water supply design while with Samuel Ellswork, Consulting Engineer
New York State Shellfish tag
Pamphlet describing Walker-Gordon certified milk plant near Plainsboro, New Jersey
Proof of well water supply in Rockport, Mass. by Metcalf and Eddy including Plan 1- Drawdown curves
Notes from agreement between City of Melrose and Metcalf and Eddy for design and construction of sewers
Notes and sketches from plan of sewer outfall for Rockport, Mass. by Metcalf and Eddy
Notes and sketches for high school sewage disposal system by Weston and Sampson. Also Barbour’s method of flushing a sewer siphon
Notes and sketches for slow sand filtration plant at Middleboro, Mass. by Weston and Sampson
Cost estimate for Centreville-Osterville Fire District water supply by Whitman and Howard — also Plan 2 showing details of gravel packed well
Plan 3 — Metcalf and eddy, sewer plan for portion of Melrose, Mass.
Plans 4 to 11 inclusive; large sewer plans for North Metropolitan Relief Sewer, drawn by Metropolitan District Commission (Sewer Division) and includes siphon details
Plans 12 — 15 inclusive; large storm overflow sewer to tide water, drawn by Boston Sewer Division, and includes details of a tide gate and chamber
Specifications by Boston Metropolitan District Commission, water Division, for laying 11,000′ of 36″ steel pipe and some cast iron pipe, valve chambers, etc.
Proof of well water supply for Lanesboro, Mass. by Samuel Ellsworth including plan 16 — well drawdown plot
Report on well water supply for Hamilton, Mass. by Whitman and Howard — includes one general and one specific map of well field area, Plan 17 giving drawdown curves, tales on which are recorded pumping and drawdown data, water analyses and letter from Mass. Health Department
Table showing type, location and total coast of PWA projects under my supervision in New York regional office
“Specimen Contract Documents — Instructions and Contract Procedure”, used at PWA office for reviewing contract documents
Map showing seven regional districts of PWA and states included therein
Specifications by Hayden, Harding and Buchanan for Standpipe and Appurtenances at Bellingham, Mass. including three one page blueprints and Plan 18, Location of Standpipe
Instructions to field force of Procurement Division, Treasury Department, concerning concrete; strength, determining proportions, forms, etc.
Plans and specifications by Whitman and Howard for “Furnishing and Laying Water Mains, Town of Framingham, Mass.
Vol. XII A
1938 June — 1939 March
Box 4
Vol. 14
Four plans for the construction of sewage pumping station
One plan and specifications for pumping equipment in the station
Twenty-five plans and specifications for the construction of water pumping stations and furnishing thereof
Vol. XIII: Dedicated to Daughter Joanne
1939 March — 1942 May
Box 5
Vol. 15
Drainage Basin Committee Report for the Tennessee and Cumberland Basins
National Resources Committee, 1947
1940 Manual for Public Health Engineer on Field Duty with State Health Departments-USPHS Office of Stream Sanitation.
Memorandum 1: December 29, 1938 Manual for Public Health Engineer of Field Duty with State Health Departments
Memorandum 3: Marc, 1939 Manual for Public Health Engineer of Field Duty with State Health Departments (include W,S and I forms)
Supplement to Memorandum 3, April 11, 1939, on Industrial Waste Investigation
Memorandum 4: April 1939, on River Mileage Index System
Memorandum 6: June 1940, on River Mileage Index System
Memorandum 7: September 1940, on Damage to Industry by Acid Mine Drainage
Memorandum 8: March 1939, on collection and biological examination of river water and bottom sediment samples – tables lists plankton found in clear and polluted waters
Memorandum 12: May 6, 1940 Supplemental Chemical Procedures for Upper Ohio River Samples — USPHS Stream Investigations
Biochemical Oxidation in Acid Water Containing Sewage — Ruch Loft, Ettinger and Walker, April, 1940
Excerpts from Monthly Activities Bulletin
Ohio River Pollution Survey — organization chart
Cooperative Studies with Tennessee Valley Authority on Industrial Wastes
Review of North Canadian River Survey (by Mark D. Hollis)
The Sanitary Classification of Stream Waters in Connection with Pollution Abatement Programs — H.W. Streeter
List of Publications received from M.M. Ellis
Complete Issue for November — December, 1940
1939 March — 1942 May
Box 5
Vol. 16
Tentative outline of proposed method to be followed in developing the Interim Report of the Ohio River Pollution Survey
Physical and Economic Features of the Potomac River
Features of the Upper Mississippi River and Its Watershed
Excerpts on Pollution Control Machinery in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio
Revision on my Cumberland River Interim Report
Abstract of “Effect of Ponding and Aeration Upon the Biochemical Oxygen Demand of Sulfate Liquor” by M.S. O’Dell, June, 1934
Completed I — 3 report upon a coke plant
Woolen mill waste analyses — Tenn. State Health Dept.
Notes and flow sheet for tannin extract plant Coke plant flow diagram
Industrial Water Summary Forms for watersheds
Industrial waste Investigation in Louisville with chemical date forms for individual industries
I-4 report complete on a general dairy Maps
Chattanooga, Tenn. and Vicinity
Knoxville, Tenn. (land use)
Road maps of Tennessee
Cumberland Basin Projects
Tennessee Counties
Tenn. River Basin — U.S. Engineer Office
Rainfall stations in Tenn. and Cumberland River Basin
Emergency Flood Plan — Tenn. and Cumberland River Basin
Drainage Areas of Cumberland River
Views of Industry and Commerce on Stream Pollution Compacts
Some Factors essential in building public support for stream pollution abatement
Aspects of Governmental Policy on Stream Pollution Abatement — H.C. Baity, 1939
Conservation of Wildlife in the Tennessee and Cumberland River Basins — R.H. Smith
Chemical and Thermal Conditions of Two New lakes in Tennessee — C.S. Shoup, 1939
Tenn. Public Acts of 1945, on state supervision of water and sewage works
Tenn. Public Acts of 1945, setting up Stream Pollution Control Board
Tenn. regulations on public water supplies
Mass. regulations on pollution
Tenn. regulations on pollution
Report on “Stream Pollution in Tennessee”, prepared in the main by S. Leary Jones, 1943-1944
1939 Mar.-1942 May
Box 5
Vol. 17
Industrial Waste reports on the Following Industries
Butter and Cheese
Milk and Ice Cream
Milk and Butter
Butter and Ice Cream
General canning
Silk and cotton hose
Soft coal washing
Evaporated Milk
Ice Cream
Ice Cream, cheese and milk
Silk and Cotton hose
Silk and Rayon Ribbon and cloth
Butter and Cheese
Canning (tomatoes)
Milk, butter, and cheese
Butter and Cheese
Washing Sand and Gravel
Stoves — vitreous enameling
Milk and butter
Sand and Gravel
Candy Packing House
Butter, cheese and milk
Cotton hosiery
Chestnut Board
Buttermilk Condensory
Coke and Illuminating Gas
Butter, Milk, and Cheese
Meat Packing house
Stoves (enameling)
Ice Cream
Sand and Gravel
Silk hosiery
Packing House
Oil Refinery
Food Canning
Woolen and cotton goods
Ice Cream
Cheese and Ice Cream
Tannin Extract
Vitreous enameling
Ice Cream
Food Canning
Butter Chemical (carbon disulphide)
Transparent paper (cellophane)
Ore Washing
Soft Coal washing
Wool blankets and flannel cloth Oil Refinery
1939 Mar.-1942 May
Box 6
Vol. 18
Selected Chemical Content of Waters Used by Public Supplies — Tennessee
List of Public Sewerage Systems in Tennessee
Privy Plan and bill of material
Rating and Approval of Public Water Supplies — Tennessee
Course of Instruction for Water Works Plant Operators (include papers on Flow of Water in Pipes, Hydraulic Features Involved in the Design of New Water Works and Certification of Water Works Plant Operators)
Regulation on “Control of Swimming Pools and Other Public Bathing Places”
Plan showing typical designs for sewage disposal and sub-surface Filter Systems
Mass. blank report forms for overnight camps and regulations
Essential features in the design of Sanitary Drinking Fountains
Ordinance on garbage collection written by me
Bulletin on Maps
Milk and Milk Products
Sanitation in National Defense Areas, Solander and Morton, 1941
Report on Sanitation Activities Carried on by coffee county health department during second army maneuvers
Library for Sanitarians and Reading list
Sanitary Regulations Governing the location, construction, equipment, and operation of Teacher Corps — drawn up by Solander
Most probable number tables
Pasteurization of Milk, L.C. Frank, 1932
Plan of Milk House — Retail Raw Dairy
Plan of Screen Door
Blank Form — Sanitary Survey of School
Requirements for a Restaurant — Memphis, Tenn.
Tenn. regulation on washing and bactericidal treatment of utensils
Recommended equipment and procedure for making Jar Test
Lab equipment for water and sewage treatment plants
Various forms used by Tenn. State Health Department
The Soil absorption test
Septic tank and disposal field — Tenn.
Tools for Imhoff Tank operation
Restaurant inspection form
Fish pool ordinance — Memphis, Tenn.
Vol. XIV A
1942 May-1946 Feb.
Box 6
Vol. 19
Section I. General
Notes at Lawson General Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia
Two maps of Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas
Pictures of Sanitary Corps activities
Notes on poison ivy
Inspection, monthly and interstate water forms
My orders and promotions
Letters and recommendation
Section II. Water Supply
Water treatment in amebiasis and schistosomiais areas study of water supply consumption at Prisoner of War Camp, Blytheville, Arkansas
Hazen and Williams monographic chart
Section III. Sewerage
Reports for National Research Council on Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas
Excerpts from Metcalf and Eddy report for Army camps
Section IV. Swimming Pools
Article on swimming pool cleaner
Section V. Rodent and Insect Control
Article on DDT and diarrhea rates in prisoner of war camps
Recommended dosages of DDT
Picture with contents of box used to inspect Prisoner of War camps
Rodent Control Bulletin TB Med 144
DDT Insecticides TB Med 194
Fly baits, rats and fumigation memo
Section VI. Mosquitoes
Article on “Daily Rainfall, temperature and wind records as related to mosquito control”
Article on “Mosquito Control at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas”
Pamphlets and pictures on mosquitoes
Construction and operation of light trap
Shipment of entomological specimens
Mosquito control forms
Report on mosquitoes at Camp Robinson in 1941
Annual Report, Camp Robinson, 1942
Annual Report, Camp Robinson, 1943
Annual Report, Camp Robinson, 1944
Vol. XIV B
1942 May-1946 Feb.
Box 7
Vol. 20
Routine inspection reports for Prisoner of War Branch Camp at Murfreesboro, Arkansas
Sanitary survey of Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway
Sanitary survey Arkansas State College Jonesboro, Ark
Sanitary survey Army Air Field Walnut Ridge
Monthly inspection reports Army Air Field Blytheville
Sanitary survey Army Air Field Blytheville
Sanitary survey Army Air Field Newport
Sanitary survey AAFTD Lonoke
Sanitary survey Maumelle Ordnance Works
Sanitary survey Arkansas Ordnance Works, Jacksonville, Ark.
Sanitary survey Adams Field Little Rock
Sanitary survey Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas
Vol. XV
1946 Mar.-1947 June
Box 7
Vol. 21
Public Health Engineering Abstracts
Manual of Recommended Practice for Shellfish
Ship rat proofing Inspection form
Examination for Sanitary Engineer
Sanitary Needs in Florida
Sanitary Needs in Alabama
Sanitary Needs in Louisiana
Vol. XVI
1947 July-Dec.
Box 8
Vol. 22
Instructions to field Engineers in carrying out the septic tank research project
Recommendations of Joint Committee on Rural Sanitary Rural Sewage Disposal Dec. 1942
Map of Hamilton County, Ohio
Forms used by Hamilton County Health Department
Field Notes
Pamphlet on Garbage Grinder made in Cincinnati
Australian Report on septic tanks 1936
List of Publications from water and Sanitation Investigation station
Report Studies on Household Sewage Disposal Systems
1948 Jan.-1949 June
Box 8
Vol. 23
Engineering Report on Sewerage for the town of West Springfield, Mass.
Engineering Report on sewerage for the town of Warren
Engineering report on Ranney method obtaining water (horizontal or radial wells)
1948 South Hadley Fire District #2 meeting
Tighe’s report on Manhan River supply for Holyoke
Material require for Wilbraham water main
Drawing of hydrant and connection
1942 Springfield sewage plant statistics
Sterealator data
Article “Pulp and Paper Industry” by Warrick
1940 Massachusetts census
Sewerage estimate for Belchertown
Williamsburg water design
Abstracts for Public Health Engineer
Pipe friction graphs
Pamphlet Warren centrifugal pumps
Tide gate data
Industrial waste data in Easthampton
Horsepower graph — friction head
Pamphlet Organization and Method for Investigating wastes
Vol. XVIII B: Dedicated to Daughter Sarah Whipple Solander
Box 8
Vol. 24
This volume contains papers reflecting Solander’s political field as well as various papers from state and federal elections including 1960 Presidential Election Kennedy/Nixon; Twenty one pieces of political ephemera; Sixty newspaper clippings


Civil engineersCivilian Conservation Corps (U.S.)Depressions--1929Fisheries--MassachusettsMosquitoes--ControlQuabbin Reservoir (Mass.)Roads--Design and constructionSanitary engineersSewage disposal plants--Design and constructionUnited States. Federal Civil Works AdministrationWater--Pollution--TennesseeWater-supply--MassachusettsWestfield State SanatoriumWorld War, 1939-1945Wrentham State School


Solander, Arvo A

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