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Shattuck, Louise F.

Louise F. Shattuck Papers

34 boxes 24 linear feet
Call no.: MS 563
Depiction of Louise Shattuck
Louise Shattuck

A life-long resident of Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts, and a third-generation Spiritualist, Louise Shattuck was an artist, teacher, and noted breeder of English cocker spaniels.

Shattuck’s work as a teacher, writer, artist, and dog breeder are documented in this collection through decades of correspondence and diaries, artwork, publications, and newspaper clippings. Of particular note are the materials associated with the Spiritualist history of Lake Pleasant, including three turn of the century spirit slates, samples of Louise’s automatic writing, a ouija board and dowsing rods, and an excellent photograph album with associated realia for the Independent Order of Scalpers, a Lake Pleasant.

Background on Louise F. Shattuck

Louise Shattuck, ca.1945

In her long life, Louise Shattuck wore many hats — artist, teacher, dog-breeder, writer, and Spiritualist — but to her, she only wore one: that of an art-making, skill-teaching, dog-breeding, writing, and spirit-talking resident of Lake Pleasant, Mass. Somehow, Shattuck managed the difficult feat of knitting these disparate strands into a single, seamless life, her professional and personal interests weaving together in a uniquely creative way.

Geographically, intellectually, and spiritually, the center of Shattuck’s life was the village of Lake Pleasant, Mass. One of five villages in the town of Montague, Lake Pleasant was established in 1870 when George Potter, a real estate agent from neighboring Greenfield, sensed a business opportunity. Acquiring the land around the southern tip of the lake, Potter set up picnic tables and invited local residents to use the area as a park. It was an instant success, so much so Potter rapidly decided to cash out, selling the property to the Boston and Maine Railroad Company in 1872 so that it could be expanded into a regional destination for summer tourism. Taking advantage of the scenic lake front and deep woods, the Railroad erected a railroad stop, a pavilion and bandstand, hotel, and other amenities. Waging an aggressive marketing campaign, they lured dozens, and eventually thousands of tourists per year. From the outset, some of these visitors came in groups: Odd Fellows, Freemasons, Congregationalists, Unitarians, and Spiritualists among them.

It was Spiritualists, more than any other group, who exerted the greatest influence on the development of Lake Pleasant, and particularly those associated with the New England Spiritualist Camp-meeting Association (NESCA). Formed in 1874 and incorporated in 1879, NESCA was part of the first wave of truly successful regional- and national-level Spiritualist organizations, built upon the evangelical model of holding seasonal (and later permanent) camp meetings. From the beginning, NESCA found a home in Lake Pleasant, paralleling other Spiritualist groups that attached themselves to camps in Etna, Maine, Lilydale, N.Y., Chesterfield, Ind., and Cassadaga, Fla. Spiritualism soon transformed the look and feel of the community in the pine woods. “There never was a summer night when one did not have a choice of attending any number of [Spiritualist] ‘circles’,” Shattuck wrote in Yankee Magazine in 1968 (p.141). In 1913, a number of Lake Pleasant Spiritualists affiliated with NESCA split with their peers over some philosophical differences (reincarnation among them) to form the National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA). For over sixty years, the village hosted two Spiritualist temples, one for each faction.

When Louise was born on December 24, 1919, the only child of a railway electrician Frank Shattuck and his wife Sarah (Bickford), Lake Pleasant was in its heyday. Like their adopted village, the Shattucks were committed Spiritualists: Louise’s maternal grandmother, Anna (Dyer) Bickford, was one of the early mediums at the resort, and Sarah Shattuck (also called Sara or Sadie) followed suit, delivering spirit messages and inspiration from spirit sources up until the time of Louise’s birth. Louise inherited mediumistic tendencies from her women forebears, and although she never acted as a professional medium, throughout her life she engaged in automatic writing and in use of the planchette and Ouija board to contact spirit beings.

In the years following the First World War, Lake Pleasant experienced a slow decline, driven in part by the decrease of summering as a middle class activity and of Spiritualism as a religion. Although the rise of the automobile and decay of the American rail system hurt many summer resorts, Lake Pleasant was hit particularly hard after access to the lake was curtailed, then shut off, when its waters became a reservoir for the town of Montague. The Shattucks, however, remained loyal. Although Louise was born and raised in Medford, Mass., she and her family continued to summer in the cottage that Frank had built barely twenty yards from the TNSA temple, and following Frank’s death in 1948, Sarah became a full time resident.

Louise emulated her mother in more than just mediumistic talent: the two shared a passion for animals, particularly dogs, for art and teaching. By her senior year at Medford High School, was already set on her future life course, entering Massachusetts College of Art (class of 1941) intent on making a career in the graphic arts. Although she taught art off and on for many years, beginning with a stint teaching ceramics at Garland Junior College in Boston (later absorbed into Simmons College), she began as early as 1943 to produce ceramic, clay, and bronze figurines for commercial distribution. Striking her first contracts with the Boston firm Contemporary Arts, and taking her grandmother’s maiden name (Ann Dyer) as a pseudonym, she began to distribute work through Hudson Pewter, Lance Corporation, and the American Pewter Company.

Thematically and stylistically, Louise’s early work was quite diverse, ranging from a figurine of a ballet dancer to a small sculpture of an Arab rider on horseback (one of her favorite pieces) that was sculpted under the influence of a spirit named Charles Memling. By the mid-1940s, however, her work acquired a real focus when she settled into a niche as an animal artist, dogs being her distinct favorite subject. An early member of the Society of Animal Arts), she also did a great deal of graphic work for magazines, particularly those associated with dog breeding, producing pen and ink drawings and cartoons, as well as pastels and paintings, both for private commission and retail distribution. Her love of dogs extended well beyond her artwork, and dogs assumed a greater prominence in her life as she grew older. As proprietor of Carry On Kennels, she became well known as a breeder of English Cocker Spaniels and stalwart in the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America.

Louise also became an author. In addition to two humorous works on her experiences with dogs, From Riches to Bitches (1979) and In Stitches Over Bitches (1983), Louise wrote and illustrated a children’s book, The Donkey and the Tree (1999). Her last book, co-written with her friend David James, was “portrait of the body, mind, and soul” of her beloved Lake Pleasant, Spirit and Spa (2003).

Never married, Louise joined her mother in Lake Pleasant in 1967 as Sarah’s health began to fail. Louise remained active as a sculptor and illustrator well into her 80s, remaining in her family cottage until her death in October 2005.

Contents of Collection

The Shattuck Papers offer a window onto the eclectic life of artist, dog breeder, and Spiritualist Louise Shattuck and onto the equally eclectic Spiritualist community of Lake Pleasant, Mass. Organized into five series, the collection documents Louise’s life from her childhood until her death, with an emphasis upon her connections to her community. Her diverse interests interweave throughout the collection, appearing in correspondence and writings, newspaper clippings and photographs, and in her voluminous diaries, kept sporadically between 1928 and the mid-1970s and regularly from then until 2005.

Of particular note in the collection are a small, but rich assortment of materials relating to Spiritualism. Among the photographs, pamphlets, and realia are items reflecting both Louise’s Spiritualist practices and her interest in the history of Spiritualism and the Lake Pleasant community. A Lake Pleasant photograph album, along with a few publications and objects provide sketchy, but intriguing documentation of the Independent Order of Scalpers, a fraternal club in the village, but the collection also includes extensive samples of Louise’s automatic writing, transcripts of Ouija board sessions, and four excellent examples of spirit slates with chalk inscriptions, dating from the time of Louise’s grandmother (ca.1900-1910). Also included in a small assortment of Spiritualist pamphlets published by the Star Publishing Co. of Springfield, Mass., is H. A. Budington’s History of the New England Campmeeting Association at Lake Pleasant.


Series Descriptions
Series 1: Personal and Business 1902-2006 5.5 boxes (3.75 linear feet)

Shattuck’s private and professional lives were intricately interwoven, and as such, the contents of this series pertain both to Louise’s personal affairs and business ventures. With a few exceptions, the correspondence dates from Louise’s childhood in the 1920s forward, with somewhat uneven survival through the years. Among the relatively few letters of Sarah Shattuck are some fascinating glimpses into her mediumistic activities, including a “Translation of a Persian message to the world given through the mediumship of Sara Bickford” (undated), written on the letterhead of the Spiritualist historian of Lake Pleasant, H.A. Budington, and a letter from John E. Coover of Stanford University (1915) discussing his views of automatic writing.

Series 1 also includes a large number of pen sketches and cartoons, largely depicting dogs, and numerous contracts for figurines Shattuck created for Contemporary Arts (mostly under the pseudonym Anna Dyer), the American Pewter Company, Hudson Pewter, and the Lance Corporation. Together, these provide a sense of the range of Shattuck’s commercial work and how her interests evolved through the course of her career. Other miscellaneous items include newspaper clippings and a variety of legal documents, including birth certificates for Louise and other members of her family.

Series 2: Diaries 1919-2004 10.5 boxes (5.25 linear feet)

Shattuck kept a diary regularly from 1928 to 2005. At the end of almost each day, she wrote at least one full page discussing the day’s work and events, often commenting that she was not getting enough done, and occasionally referring to money issues or personal conflicts. Two diaries in the series (1916, 1952)belonged to Louise’s mother, Sarah Bickford Shattuck.

Series 3: Lake Pleasant and Spiritualism 1881-2004 1 box (0.5 linear feet)

While not born in Lake Pleasant, Louise was in a sense born to Lake Pleasant. From her mother and mother’s mother, she inherited mediumistic abilities. Series 3 contains abundant evidence of Louise’s efforts at spirit communication, including extensive sheafs of automatic writing, spirit writing, and transcripts of Ouija board sessions, along with a small number of relatively scarce Spiritualist pamphlets published by the Star Publishing Company of Springfield, Mass. While Lake Pleasant postcards have been included in this series, photographs and other audio/visual materials pertaining to Lake Pleasant and Spiritualism are to be found in Series 4: Audio/Visual.

Series 4: Audiovisual 1895-2004

This series contains primarily photographs, dating from the late 1800s to 2005. Several photograph albums are dedicated to documenting Louise’s English cocker spaniels as they progressed in their training, while others pertain primarily to recording her artwork, especially sculpture. Of note are a number of photographs of Louise herself, from when she was less than a year old to very near the end of her life. Also included are slides and negatives as well as CD-ROM slide shows and a single video cassette. All audio or visual materials relating to Spiritualism and Lake Pleasant are to be found in this series.

Series 5: Realia 1907-circa 1970

Among the realia in the Shattuck Papers are several examples of Shattuck’s artwork, most notably her statue of an Arab rider on horseback, created under the influence of the spirit, Charles Memling. Also included are Spiritualist artifacts such as a feathered headdress (from Lake Pleasant’s Independent Order of Scalpers), a set of divining rods, and a Ouija board, and less directly three unidentified locks of human hair, and Shattuck’s cremated remains, housed in a sealed vessel in the shape of a dog’s head. Finally, the series includes a framed self-portrait by Sarah Bickford Shattuck, ca.1920?, dressed in a white gown worn during a Spiritualist play.


Inventory of Collection
Series 1: Personal and Business 1902-2006
“Accept the Glory of Easter” undated Box 1: 1
Adams, Willis Seaver 1921-1968 Box 1: 2
“A Real History of How the Tomahawk was Buried in 1902” 1902 Box 1: 3
Art and Writings, Childhood 1920s-1930s Box 1: 4
Art, Copper Print Plate, “Ex Libris” undated Box 1: 5
Art, Fliers and Advertisements 1960s-2000 Box 1: 6
Art, Portrait of Sarah Bickford Shattuck by Louise Shattuck undated Box 1: 7
Art, Other undated Box 1: 8
Art, Pamphlets 1934-1954 Box 1: 9
Art, Pastels/Other undated Box 1: 10
Art, Sale Invitation Card, Sara Louise Bickford undated Box 1: 11
Art, Sketches/Cartoons 1930-2005 Box 1: 12
Art, Sketches/Cartoons 1930-2005 Box 1: 13
Art, Sketches/Cartoons 1930-2005 Box 1: 14
Art, Sketches/Cartoons 1930-2005 Box 1: 15
Art, Sketches/Cartoons 1930-2005 Box 2: 1
Art, Sketches/Cartoons 1930-2005 Box 2: 2
Art, “The English Cocker Spaniel Cookbook” undated Box 2: 3
Art, “The Lake Pleasanter” 1945 Box 2: 4
Athol Orchestral Society Schedule 1902 Box 2: 5
“A Visit from St. Nicholas” undated Box 2: 6

Re-creation of the 1849 illustrated edition.

Award of Merit Card, American National Red Cross, Mrs. F. R. R. Shattuck 1953 Box 2: 7
Baby Book 1919 Box 2: 8
Bickford, Frank A., “Carpenter and Builder,” Stationary undated Box 2: 9
Bickford, John R., Construction Service Flier undated Box 2: 10
Bickford Newsletter 1999-2000 Box 2: 11
Calendar, Christian 1970 Box 2: 12
“Canine Collector’s Companion” 1985 Box 2: 13
Correspondence, Business, Art 1957-1999 Box 2: 14
Correspondence, Business, Art, American Pewter Company 1975-1982 Box 2: 15
Correspondence, Business, Art, Lance Corporation 1977-1981 Box 2: 16
Correspondence, Business, Art, Silva Enterprises/JEB Casting 1982-1983 Box 2: 17
Correspondence, Business, Art, The Tropical Shells Co. 1979-1981 Box 2: 18
Correspondence, Business, Dogs 1979-1985 Box 2: 19
Correspondence, Business, Dogs, Heredities Limited 1981-1983 Box 2: 20
Correspondence, Business, Teaching 1941-1957 Box 2: 21
Correspondence, Business, Writing 2001, 2005 Box 2: 22
Correspondence, Business, Writing, Galde Press 1998-2000 Box 2: 23
Correspondence, Business, Writing, Howell Book Press 1978-1979 Box 2: 24
Correspondence, Business, Writing, Howell Book Press 1980-1983 Box 2: 25
Correspondence, Business, Writing, Howell Book Press 1993 Box 2: 26
Correspondence, Business, Writing, Macmillian/Simon & Schuster 1993-1994 Box 2: 27
Correspondence, Legal, Zissu, Stein, Bergman, Couture & Mosher 1978-1982 Box 2: 28
Correspondence, Other, Assorted 1920-1983 Box 3: 1
Correspondence, Other, Assorted, Concerning Boyle, William Glenn 1990 Box 3: 2
Correspondence, Other, Hicks, Varion 1945 Box 3: 3
Correspondence, Other, Shattuck, Sarah Bickford, Legal 1961 Box 3: 4
Correspondence, Other, Shattuck, Sarah Bickford, Personal 1910-1935 Box 3: 5
Correspondence, Other, Shattuck, Sarah Bickford, Personal, with Adams, Willis Seaver undated Box 3: 6
Correspondence, Personal 1925-2005 Box 3: 7
Correspondence, Personal circa 1965 Box 3: 8

Letters between Charles Bickford and Sarah Bickford Shattuck and Louise Shattuck.

Correspondence, Personal, Childhood circa 1930 Box 3: 9

Letters between Louise Shattuck and Frank R. Shattuck.

Correspondence, Personal, Childhood circa 1930 Box 3: 10

Between Louise Shattuck and Sarah Bickford Shattuck.

Correspondence, Personal, Boyle, William Glenn 1953-1990 Box 3: 11
Correspondence, Personal, Genealogical 1974-2004 Box 3: 12
Correspondence, Personal, Medical, Kalia, Kamal K. 2004 Box 3: 13
Correspondence, Personal undated Box 3: 14

Reply to a personal ad placed by Louise Shattuck.

Diploma, Bickford, Sara Louise, Massachusetts Normal Art School 1907 Box 26
Documents, Art, Assignments and Agreements 1944-2004 Box 3: 15
Documents, Birth Certificates 1940-1976 Box 3: 16
Documents, Copyright undated Box 3: 17
Documents, Copyright undated Box 3: 18
Documents, Dogs undated Box 3: 19
Documents, Education, Diplomas 1908-1941 Box 3: 20
Documents, Financial and Receipts 1944-2000 Box 3: 21
Documents, Funeral 1936-1960 Box 3: 22
Documents, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural Society, Life Membership Ticket, Bickford, Louise 1907 Box 3: 23
Documents, Legal, Casey vs. Shattuck 1980-1985 Box 4: 1
Documents, Marriage 1916 Box 4: 2
Documents, Publication Agreements, Galde Press, Inc. 1998 Box 4: 3
Documents, Publication Agreements, Howell Book Press 1978-1982 Box 4: 4
Documents, Results, Pewter Chemical Composition Test 1981 Box 4: 5
Documents, Royalty 1991-2005 Box 4: 6
Documents, Shore Leave, Hicks, Varion 1940 Box 4: 7
Documents, Social Security 1919-1978 Box 4: 8
Documents, Vaccination 1926 Box 4: 9
ECSCA Review 2006 Box 4: 10
English Cocker Spaniel Handbook 1955, 1974 Box 4: 11
Flood Views 1938 Box 4: 12
Garland Junior College Pamphlets undated Box 4: 13
Genealogy Information, Shattuck Family undated Box 4: 14
“Home Town Recipes of Lake Pleasant” undated Box 4: 15
Honorable Discharge Card, Women’s Relief Corps: Shattuck, Sara Bickford 1917 Box 4: 16
Howell Books Catalog 1987 Box 4: 17
Hudson Pewter Catalog undated Box 4: 18
Ladies’ Dog Club, Inc. undated Box 4: 19
Martha’s Vineyard “Tabernacle” 1979 Box 4: 20
Massachusetts School of Art, Brochure circa 1930 Box 4: 21
Massachusetts School of Art, Yearbook 1938 Box 4: 22
Massachusetts School of Art, Yearbook 1941 Box 5: 1
Medford High School, Class of 1937, Yearbook; 50th Reunion Book 1937, 1987 Box 5: 2
Newspaper Clippings various dates Box 5: 3
Newspaper Clippings various dates Box 5: 4
Newspaper Clippings, Boyle, William Glenn undated Box 5: 5
NGS NewsMagazine 2004 Box 5: 6
Postcards and other cards undated Box 5: 7
Puppy Primer 1990 Box 5: 8
“Sappho and Sophocles” 1902 Box 5: 9
Scholarship Noticification Card, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston undated Box 5: 10
Scrapbook undated Box 25
Scrapbook [1944] Box 19
Scrapbook [1945] Box 19
Scrapbook, “The Opera” undated Box 5: 11
Scrapbook, individual pages undated Box 5: 12
Shopping List, Shattuck, Sarah Bickford circa 1920 Box 5: 13
Society of Animal Artists News 2006 Box 5: 14
“Theta” 1974 Box 5: 15
“Whalom Breeze” 1908 Box 6: 1
Writings, Assorted various dates Box 6: 2
Writings, Drafts, Periodicals undated Box 6: 3
Writings, Assorted various dates Box 6: 4

Not by Louise Shattuck.

Writings, Poetry undated Box 6: 5

Not by Louise Shattuck.

Writings, Poetry undated Box 6: 6

Not by Louise Shattuck.

Writings, Notebook undated Box 6: 7
Writings, Publications, Books, Advertisements circa 1996 Box 6: 8
Writings, Publications, Books, “The Donkey and the Tree” 1999 Box 6: 9
Writings, Publications, Books, “From Riches to Bitches: Pick of the Litter,” Cover mock up undated Box 6: 10
Writings, Publications, Books, Reviews of 1978-1984 Box 6: 11
Writings, Publications, Periodicals 1968-1969 Box 6: 12
Writings, Publications, Periodicals undated Box 6: 13
Writings, School and College 1925-1941 Box 6: 14
Series 2: Diaries 1916-2004
Bickford, Jon R., Diary undated Box 19
Diary, “Our Wedding Trip” 1916 Sept 11 Box 15: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1928 May-June Box 6: 15
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1930 Box 21
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1930 Box 21
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1932 Box 25
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1936 Box 25
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries, Missing Pages 1937 Feb 22-23 Box 6: 16
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1939 Box 21
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1974-1976 Box 25
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1976 Mar-Aug Box 6: 17
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1976 Aug-Nov Box 6: 18
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1976 Nov-1977 Apr Box 6: 19
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1977 Apr-Sept Box 7: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1977 Sept-1978 Feb Box 7: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1978 Feb-Aug Box 7: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1978 Aug-1979 Jan Box 7: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1979 Jan-June Box 7: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1979 June-Sept Box 7: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1979 Sept-1980 Feb Box 7: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1980 Feb-July Box 8: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1980 July-Oct Box 8: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1980 Oct-Dec Box 8: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1980 Dec-1981 Mar Box 8: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1981 Mar-Aug Box 8: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1981 Aug-1982 Jan Box 8: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1982 Jan-July Box 8: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1982 July-Sept Box 8: 8
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1982 Dec-1983 Mar Box 9: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1983 Mar-Aug Box 9: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1983 Aug-Oct Box 9: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1983 Oct-1984 Jan Box 9: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1984 Jan-June Box 9: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1984 June-Sept Box 9: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1984 Sept-1985 Feb Box 9: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1985 Feb-July Box 9: 8
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1985 July-Dec Box 10: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1986 Jan-June Box 10: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1986 June-Aug Box 10: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1986 Aug-1987 Feb Box 10: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1987 Feb-July Box 10: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1987 July-Dec Box 10: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1987 Dec-1988 Apr Box 10: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1988 May-Aug Box 11: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1988 Aug-1989 Jan Box 11: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1989 Jan-June Box 11: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1989 June-Nov Box 11: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1989 Nov-1990 Feb Box 11: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1990 Feb-July Box 11: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1990 July-Dec Box 11: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1991 Jan-June Box 12: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1991 June-Nov Box 12: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1991 Nov-1992 Feb Box 12: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1992 Feb-July Box 12: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1992 July-Dec Box 12: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1992 Dec-1993 May Box 12: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1993May-Dec Box 12: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1993 Dec-1994 Sept Box 13: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1994 Sept-1995 June Box 13: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1995 June-1996 Jan Box 13: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1996 Jan-June Box 13: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1996 June-1997 Feb Box 13: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1997 Feb-Nov Box 13: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1997 Nov-1998 Nov Box 13: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1998 Nov-199 Aug Box 14: 1
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1999 Aug-Dec Box 14: 2
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 1999 Dec-2000 Apr Box 14: 3
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 2000 Apr-2001 Feb Box 14: 4
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 2001 July-2002 July Box 14: 5
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 2003 Jan-Sept Box 14: 6
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 2003 Sept-Nov Box 14: 7
Shattuck, Louise, Diaries 2004 Aug-2005 Apr Box 15: 1
Shattuck, Sarah Bickford, Diaries 1952 Box 25
Series 3: Lake Pleasant and Spiritualism 1881-2004
Automatic Writing undated Box 15: 3
Automatic Writing, Shattuck, Louise 1945 Box 15: 4
Banner of Life 1923-1933 Box 31

Spiritualist newspaper.

Bowles, Samuel, Spiritualist Pamphlets through the medium Carrolinn E.S. Twing, Later Papers: A Supplement to the Experiences of Samuel Bowles… in Spirit Life (1881) and Visiting in Heaven (1909). Springfield, Mass.: Star Publishing Co. 1881-1909 Box 15: 5
Budington, H. A., History of the New England Campmeeting Association at Lake Pleasant, Mass.. Springfield, Mass.: Star Publishing Co. 1907 Box 15: 7
“History of Lake Pleasant” Lecture Flier 2004 Box 15: 6
Independent Order of Scalpers, 28th Annual Trail Pamphlet 1921 Box 15: 8
Independent Order of Scalpers, 31st Annual Trail Pamphlet 1924 Box 15: 9
Independent Order of Scalpers, By-Laws undated Box 15: 10
Lake Pleasant Centennial Envelope 1974 Aug 6 Box 15: 11
Lake Pleasant Postcards undated Box 15: 12
Messenger 1930 Oct Box 31

Spiritualist journal.

New England Spiritualists Campmeeting Association, Constitutions and By-Laws 1895 Box 15: 13
New England Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association, Programs 1948-1950 Box 15: 14
Ouija Board Messages 1967-1969 Box 15: 15
Prof. William Denton Speaks Again. Springfield, Mass. : Star Publishing Co. circa 1899 Box 15: 16
Spirit Session 1968 Oct Box 15: 17
Spirit Writing 1945 Jan Box 15: 18
Spirit Writing 1945 Feb Box 15: 19
Spirit Writing 1945 Mar Box 15: 20
Spirit Writing 1945 Apr Box 15: 21
Series 4: Audiovisual 1895-2004
CD-ROMs, Lake Pleasant 2004 Box 16: 1
Photograph Album 1948-1964 Box 16: 2
Photograph Album undated Box 16: 3
Photograph Album undated Box 16: 4
Photograph Album undated Box 20
Photograph Album undtaed Box 24
Photograph Album: Portfolio of photographs of Louise Shattuck’s dog art ca.1980s Box 27
Photograph Album undated Box 27
Photograph Album undated Box 29
Photograph Album undated Box 29
Photograph Album, Lake Pleasant undated Box 16: 5
Photograph Album, Pages, “Remember 1977′ 1977 Box 16: 6
Photograph, framed, Shattuck, F. R. R. undated Box 22
Photograph Album, Shattuck, Sarah Bickford Box 16: 7
Photograph Album, Shattuck, Sarah Bickford 1895-1940 Box 30
Photograph, Louise Shattuck and Dog 1989 Box 30
Photograph, Louise Shattuck and Dog 1991 Box 30
Photograph, Shattuck, Louise, “Bronze Boxer Pups” undated Box 30
Photograph, Shattuck, Louise, “Bronze Retrievers” undated Box 30
Photograph, Shattuck, Louise, “Clay Model” undated Box 30
Photograph, Shattuck, Louise, “Great Dane” undated Box 30
Photograph, Shattuck, Louise, “Stoneware Trophy” undated Box 30
Photographs circa 1920 Box 16: 8
Photographs various dates Box 17: 1
Photographs circa 1900 Box 17: 2
various dates Box 17: 3
Photographs circa 1940 Box 17: 4
Photographs various dates Box 17: 5
Photographs various dates Box 23
Photographs, Art undated Box 17: 6
Photographs: Art, Shattuck, Louise undated Box 17: 7
Photographs: Art, Shattuck, Louise undated Box 17: 8
Photographs: Art, Shattuck, Louise undated Box 17: 9
Photographs: Bickford Family circa 1910 Box 17: 10
Photographs: Bickford Family circa 1910 Box 17: 11
Photographs: Bickford Family circa 1910 Box 17: 12
Photographs: Dogs various dates Box 18: 1
Photographs: Dog Shows undated Box 18: 2
Photographs: Dog Shows circa 1970-1990 Box 18: 3
Photographs: Hobart Family undated Box 18: 4
Photographs: Lake Pleasant undated Box 18: 5
Photographs: Shattuck, Louise various dates Box 18: 6
Photographs, Tintype circa 1895-1920 Box 18: 7
Photogravure plate circa 1880s-11910s Box 22
Photogravure plate circa 1900-1920 Box 22

Possibly Sarah Bickford Shattuck.

Slides and Negatives undated Box 18: 8
Video Cassette, “How I Helped To Win The War” 2000 Box 18: 9
Series 5: Realia 1907-circa 1970
Art, Shattuck, Louise, “Shaddaq’s Summer” circa 1937 Box 30
Art, Shattuck, Louise, Pastel Portrait of Sarah Bickford undated Box 30
Banner undated Box 28
Feathered Headress, Shattuck, F. R. undated Box 26
Hair undated Box 18: 10

Possibly Shattuck, Louise or Shattuck, Sarah Bickford.

Ouija Board circa 1970 Box 31
Paperweight, “Spiritualistic Temple, Lake Pleasant, Mass. undated Box 22
Pocketed Sash undated Box 26
Shattuck, Sarah Bickford, Self-portrait in white gown (worn in a Spiritualist play) ca.1920 Framed artwork
Fan, The National Spiritual Alliance ca.1924 Box 28
Fan, National Spiritual Alliance ca.1924 Box 28
Somerville Grange Ribbon undated Box 26
Spirit slates ca.1900 3 items Box 32-34

The slates include messages from Dr. Joseph H. Beals (a dentist from Greenfield and founder and past-President of the New England Spiritualist Camp-meeting Association) and other spirits addressed to Mrs. [Ann Dyer] Bickford.

Trophy Plate, New England Dog Training Club 1948 Box 22
Woven Pocket Basket undated Box 26
Woven Pocket Basket undated Box 26
Wooden Statue, “Lake Pleasant Fire,” 1907 Apr Box 22


Acquired from David James in 2006.

Processing Information

Processed by Alex Lent, 2008.

Separated Material

Several books were separated from the Shattuck Papers and added to the Rare Books collection.

  • Gatlin, Dana. Unity’s Fifty Golden Years: A History of the Unity Movement 1889-1939. Kansas City, Missouri: Unity School of Christianity, 1939.
  • Massey, Gerald. The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ. Springfield, MA: Star Publishing Co.
  • Miller, Peter S. and Kyle J. Scott. Images of America: Montague. Charlston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2000.
  • Shattuck, Lemuel. Memorials of the Descendants of William Shattuck. Boston, MA: Dutton and Wentworth, 1855.
  • Shattuck, Louise F. In Stitches Over Bitches and Now Your Vet Wants a Rolls-Royce! New York, NY: Howell Book House Inc., 1983.
  • Shattuck, Louise F. From Riches to Bitches and a Cadillac for Your Vet! New York, NY: Howell Book House Inc., 1985.
  • Shattuck, Louise F. From Riches to Bitches: Pick of the Litter. Wheat Ridge, CO: Hoflin Publishing, Inc., 1996.
  • Shattuck, Louise and David James. Spirit and Spa: A Portrait of the Body, Mind and Soul of a 133-Year-Old Spiritualist Community in Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts. Greenfield, MA: Delta House Press, 2003.
  • Spiritualist Hymnal: A Revised Collection of Words and Music for the Congregation. Boston, MA: R.D. Music Company, 1998.
  • Thompson, G. Tabor. Is the Devil the Father of Spiritualism? Philadelphia, PA: G. Tabor Thompson, 1911.
  • Thompson, G. Tabor. Ministry of Song. Philadelphia, PA: G. Tabor Thompson, 1892.
  • Thompson, G. Tabor. The Psychic Songster. Kila, MT: Kessinger Publishing, Inc.

Related Material

See also the Aurin F. Hill Papers (MS 579), President of the National Spiritual Alliance and sometime resident of Lake Pleasant.


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