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Thomas Nutt
Humanity to honey-bees; or, Practical directions for the management of honey-bees upon an improved and humane plan, by which the lives of bees may be preserved, and abundance of honey of a superior quality may be obtained..
Printed by H. and J. Leach, for the author; London, Longman and Co., 1834.
xxii, 269 p. front., illus., fold. pl. 20 cm.

Call no.: SF 525 .N97 1834

A classic work in bee culture, Thomas Nutt’s Humanity to honey-bees addresses both bee management and the natural history of bees. Writing during a period in which beekeepers were kept busy outdoing one another in innovations to improve the profitability of what was literally a cottage industry, Nutt developed one solution to the problem of extracting honey from a hive without destroying the colony. As it proclaimed in its title, Nutt's "plan" had the double benefit of greater humanity toward bees and greater profitability for beekeepers.

Nutt agreed with Huber’s hypothesis that the queen bee is fertilized through copulation with a drone, disagreeing strongly with Huish’s assertion that drones impregnate the eggs after they are lain in the cells.

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