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Samuel Bagster
The management of bees. With a description of the "Ladies' safety hive.".
London, S. Bagster and W. Pickering, 1834.
xx, 244 p. illus. 18 cm.

Call no.: SF 525 .B15

Samuel Bagster the younger’s (1800-1835) Management of Bees was an attempt to collect and refine the vast literature on bees. Oxford educated and born into the family publishing business, Bagster described himself as well read in the natural history of bees. Published by his father and his father's partner William Pickering, Bagster's book was well received and sold well, enjoying two further editions. Published jointly by his father and William Pickering, the work was popular and highly thought of. Two further editions were published in 1838 and 1865. Throughout the text, Bagster refers to his predecessors and contemporaries in the apiary such as Huber, Bevan, and Nutt, his intellectual community of beekeepers.

Though still a young man, ill health forced Bagster to retire from business, though he remained active in reformist causes such as antislavery and temperance. He died at his rural cottage in 1835 at just 34 years of age.

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