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Valley Peace Center (Amherst, Mass.)

Valley Peace Center Records

28 boxes 13.5 linear feet
Call no.: MS 301

In the summer of 1967, members of University of Massachusetts Amherst campus groups, such as the Faculty Group on War and Peace and the Students for Political Action, joined with individuals from other area colleges and from the community at large to form the Valley Peace Center of Amherst for the purposes of opposing the Vietnam War, providing draft counseling, eliciting pledges from the government to avoid first use of nuclear and biological weapons, and reduction of the power of the “military-industrial complex”. The Center was active for more than five and a half years, drawing its financial support largely from the community and its human resources from student and community volunteers.

Correspondence, minutes, volunteer and membership lists, financial records, newsletters, questionnaires, notes, petitions, clippings, posters, circulars, pamphlets, periodicals, other printed matter, and memorabilia. Includes material relating to alternative service, boycotts, war tax resistance, prison reform, environmental quality, and political candidates.

Historical Note

A community organization staffed largely by volunteer workers and financed by memberships and contributions, the Valley Peace Center was established in October 1967 to oppose the Vietnam War, to counsel young men of draft age, and to support programs directed at related social and political problems. The Center rented space in Amherst, Massachusetts to house its draft counseling program, its library and its literature distribution services, and for planning and carrying out its other programs. The Center was succeeded by the New Valley Peace Center in April 1973.

Historically a center of dissent, the academic community’s skepticism toward the Vietnam War was reinforced during this era by military draft laws and regulations that provided deferments for college and graduate students so long as they were pursuing their studies. This provision constrained many draft-age young men to college campuses and served to increase their uneasiness. As the decade of the 1960’s progressed, opposition to the War and the draft grew, first on and then off the college campuses; spokespersons emerged; organizations were formed; and activities through which opposition to the war could be expressed were developed. In this milieu, in the summer of 1967, members of campus groups at the University of Massachusetts such as the Faculty Group on War and Peace and the Students for Political Action, together with individuals from other area colleges and from the community at large – representing primarily religiously oriented groups – joined forces to form the Valley Peace Center of Amherst.

According to its October 1967 brochure, the Center was conceived of as an “umbrella organization serving as a resource to all those concerned with current international tensions and domestic conditions associated with a state oriented to war.” The founders of the Center defined six central aims: U.S. disengagement from the Vietnam War; reversal of the neglect of the human needs of deprived and minority groups in America; change of the draft law to better accommodate objection to the Vietnam War; elicitation of pledges from the government to avoid first use of nuclear and biological weapons; reduction of the power of the “military-industrial complex”; and strengthening of the United Nations. The first aim predominated and served as the unifying position of the Center over its existence.

The Center was active for more than five and a half years, drawing its financial support largely from the community and the bulk of its work force from student and community volunteers. Most of its resources were devoted to draft counseling and the support of that activity, to its library and its literature distribution programs, and to the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, especially the weekly Amherst Common Peace Vigil and the demonstrations at the Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee.

As the United States wound down its activities in Vietnam, changed the military draft law, reduced draft calls and eventually discontinued the draft altogether, the role and future of the Center came into question, and a series of conflicts erupted among its participants, especially between some of those long associated with it and a group of energetic newcomers. The quarrel came to a head in the spring of 1973 when, following a change in the voting membership of the Center’s executive board, the views of the newcomers prevailed and the old-timers withdrew. The disruption caused so extensive a reorganization of the Center that it was viewed as discontinued. The succeeding organization renamed itself the New Valley Peace Center.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Valley Peace Center Records document the philosophy, activities, programs, and membership of the Center from its founding in 1967 to its disbanding and eventual re-forming as the New Valley Peace Center in 1973. The records comprise minutes, correspondence, financial statements, bills and invoices, manuscripts, surveys, membership lists, subject files, newsletters, brochures, posters, buttons, stickers, clippings, notes, petitions, draft registration forms, pamphlets, periodicals, bound volumes, and other printed materials on such topics as war and peace, draft counseling, alternative service, fund raising, boycotts, war tax resistance, demonstrations, prison reform, environmental quality and political candidates. The collection is prefaced with an introductory file including studies of the Center and is arranged into four series: organizational papers; programs; literature; and artifacts.

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History of the Collection

Acquired in February 1974 by a group of Executive Board members including Nonny Burack and Professor Dean A. Allen.


Accretions expected.

Processing Information

Processed by W. B. Cook, Jr., May 1980.

Additional Information

Encoding funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Series Descriptions

Includes the Valley Peace Center Newsletter and the Valley Peace Center News Notes (subseries 1/00). The minutes of the Center begin with the surviving records of the Hampshire County Peace Action Committee, an ad hoc group which created the Center, followed by the minutes of its own Executive Board with certain other communications sent to members, surviving non-programmatic correspondence (correspondence relating to the Center’s several programs is placed with other materials relating to respective programs), volunteer and membership lists and responses to mailings, all making up subseries 1/1. The financial records (subseries 1/2) of the Center comprise all surviving bills, cancelled checks, stubs and correspondence relating to its expenditures; no journal or other running record besides the check stubs seems to have survived. The Center’s personnel did a great deal of clipping of current newspapers and leaves in magazines, both local and national; those clippings that originated in the local press or dealt with events taking place in this region are filed with the programs to which they related in series 23 or chronologically, except that the Westover Air Force Base demonstrations have their own folders in subseries 1/3. Materials relating to the activities of one of the Center’s precursor groups, the Faculty Group on War and Peace, together with miscellaneous material from three individuals prominent at one time or another in the activities of the Center make up the fourth subseries of Organizational Papers.


Arranged by activity. Within each subseries, materials are arranged under either the name of the program or the name of the organization spawned by or cooperating with the Center.

Scope and content:

Includes materials used to organize and initiate services that the Center set out to provide. Subseries 2/1 is a general file of these programs and organizations. Materials relating to the assistance of candidates for public office, draft counseling, to the work involved in placing potential draftees in alternative service program, and to the provision of the library and literature distribution programs are set out in subseries 2/2 through 2/5, respectively.

The Center operated its literature distribution and library program with several aims. It distributed literature and loaned books and pamphlets furthering its views on the Vietnam War, on war in general, and on other social problems in which it was interested. It informed potential draftees of their options, and kept draft counselors informed on the current state of the military draft laws and regulations and on court cases involving the draft. Much of the material was in the form of flyers and circulars, and periodicals produced by national organizations of long standing with well-known spheres of activity and expertise. These materials are arranged in subseries 3/1, under the name of the issuing agency, or, in the case of periodicals, by title. Some circulars and the like from miscellaneous sources are in topical groups in subseries 3/2. Clippings and extracts from the national media on the Vietnam war and other international and domestic issues in which the Center’s participants were interested, are arranged by subject, and make up subseries 3/3.

Format considerations dictated the arrangement of most pamphlets and of books into subseries 3/4 and 3/5, respectively. Most pamphlets and all books are filed alphabetically by the name of the author, or, when none was shown, by title. Some smaller pamphlets showing no author are filed in subseries 3/1 under the name of the issuing agency.

Lists of book and pamphlet titles in this series are available in the collection.

There are many instances in which drafts of meeting minutes, carbons of outgoing correspondence, manuscript notes, etc., were made on the back of spare copies of notices of the Center’s activities. In some cases, those copies used for “scratch” purposes may represent the only copies of such notices surviving in the files.

Includes stickers, rubber stamps, and thirty-eight buttons related to the Vietnam peace movement, the McGovern candidacy, and other issues; and two rubber address stamps for the Center. Also included in this series, and stored in map case 2, drawer 5, are two posters advertising the Center’s address, phone number and its services; one poster “Strategic Air command/Peace is our Profession”; and a copy of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights with footnotes.

Contents List

Series 1. Organizational Records
Introductory materials
Guide (Removed to notebook of inventories.)
Box 1:1
Donor File, (Removed. Office records.)
Box 1:2
Bergethon, B. – Outline for paper
Box 1:3
Bergethon and Panter – Small Time, Most Greatly Liv’d’ – original typescript
Box 1:4
(Same) – photocopy
Box 1:5

Subseries 1/00: Publications
Valley Peace Center Newsletter
Box 2:6
Valley Peace Center News Notes and Valley Peace Center Newsletter
1970-1973, 1973
Box 2:7

Subseries 1/1: General
Hampshire County Coordinated Action For Peace
Box 2:8
Minutes and papers of the Executive Board
Box 2:9
Minutes and papers of the Executive Board
Box 2:10
Minutes and papers of the Executive Board
Box 2:11
Minutes and papers of the Executive Board
Box 2:12
Minutes and papers of the Executive Board
Box 2:13
Minutes and papers of the Executive Board
Box 2:14
Minutes and papers of the Executive Board
Box 2:15
New Valley Peace Center
Box 2:16
General Correspondence of the Board
Box 2:17
Valley Peace Center vs. James Kelley
Box 2:18
Volunteer and membership lists
Box 2:19
Volunteered in response to mailing
Box 2:20
Volunteered in response to mailing
Box 2:21

Subseries 1/2: Financial papers
Bank statements and cancelled checks
Box 3:22
Bank statements and cancelled checks
Box 3:23
Bank statements and cancelled checks
Box 3:24
Check stubs
October 1967-March 1969
Box 3:25
Check stubs
March 1969-April 1971
Box 3:26
Invoices, correspondence, etc. – A-L
Box 3:27
Invoices, correspondence, etc. – M-Z
Box 3:28
Bills and invoices
Box 3:29
Bills and invoices
Box 3:30

Subseries 1/3: Newspaper clippings – local
Box 4:31
Box 4:32
Box 4:33
Box 4:34
Box 4:35
Box 4:36
Box 4:37
Westover demonstrations – #1
Box 4:38
Westover demonstrations – #2
Box 4:39
Local student registration
Box 4:40
Box 4:41

Subseries 1/4: Resources and backgrounds
Faculty Group on War and Peace – Activities
Box 4:42
Faculty Group on War and Peace – clippings, etc.
Box 4:43
Faculty Group on War and Peace – Returns of 1967 questionnaire
Box 4:44
Faculty Group on War and Peace – Petitions
Box 4:45
?Allen, Dean A.? Manuscript notes for 2 talks about 1967 and letter
Box 4:46
Burak, Nonnie – correspondence, not Valley Peace Center
Box 4:47
Winston, Robert M. – course notes, #1
Box 4:48
Winston, Robert M. – course notes, #2
Box 4:49

Series 2. Programs

Subseries 2/1: General (Often includes newspaper clippings)
Fund raising
Box 5:50
Advertising and Advertisements
Box 5:51
Amherst Area Peace Action Committee
Box 5:52
Amherst College; protest against investments in prime military contractors
Box 5:53
Amherst High School
Box 5:54
Anti-Draft Resistance Group
Box 5:55
Apartheid boycott, etc.
Box 5:56
Blacks and minorities – local
Box 5:57
Coffee house proposal
Box 5:58
Community Involvement Committee
Box 5:59
Connecticut Valley Anti-War Coalition (CONVAQ
Box 5:60
Discussion groups
Box 5:61
Environmental quality
Box 5:62
Group for New Culture Protection (includes newspaper clippings)
Box 5:63
Hampshire County Citizens Committee on Housing and Community Development
Box 5:64
Letters to Editors
Box 5:65
Literature distribution
Box 5:66
Mailing list, undated
Box 5:67
Military suppliers – boycotts, etc.
Box 5:68
Box 5:69
Box 5:70
Moratoria – New England Packet
Box 5:71
Moratoria – “Set the Date Now” packet
Box 5:72
New Politics Coalition
Box 5:73
Nuclear pollution
Box 5:74
People’s Lobby
Box 5:75
Prison reform
Box 5:76
Box 5:77
Box 5:78
War tax resistance
Box 5:79
Westover demonstrations – 41
Box 5:80
Westover demonstrations – #2
Box 5:81
Women’s Institute
Box 5:82

Subseries 2/2: Political Action
Box 6:83
Petitions and letter writing
Box 6:84
Hatfield – McGovern amendment
Box 6:85
Petitions – local
Box 6:86
Movement for a New Congress
Box 6:87
Candidates for political office – local
Box 6:88
Candidates for congress
Box 6:89
Presidential candidates – poten general
Box 6:90
Presidential candidates – Gravel
Box 6:91
Presidential candidates – McGovern
Box 6:92

Subseries 2/3: Draft Counseling
Draft law and regulations
Box 6:93
Draft law and regulations – appeals procedures
Box 6:94
Draft law – proposals and changes
Box 6:95
Draft law – court cases
Box 6:96
Draft lottery
Box 6:97
Local draft boards – rights and responsibilities
Box 6:98
Massachusetts State Headquarters, U.S. Selective Service System – Circulars to local draft boards
Box 6:99
Vermont State Headquarters, U.S. Selective Service System memoranda to local draft boards
Box 6:100
Counselor’s folder
Box 6:101
Counseling applications
Box 6:102
Advice to counselees
Box 6:103
Counselor’s status
Box 6:104
Counselors’ training, including programs for Valley Peace Center personnel
Box 6:105
Lists of reference materials for counseling
Box 7:106
Price lists, etc., for reference literature
Box 7:107
Lists of draft counseling centers
Box 7:108
Draft registration, including form 100; classification questionnaire
Box 7:108
Travel abroad for registrants
Box 7:110
Refusal of induction; conscientious objection after induction
Box 7:111
I-O – literature on conscientious objection
Box 7:112
I-AO – noncombatant military service
Box 7:113
I-O – form 150
Box 7:114
I-W – Compulsory or alternative service program
Box 7:115
II-W – Occupational deferments
Box 7:116
III-S – Student deferments
Box 7:117
III-A – Hardship and fatherhood deferments
Box 7:118
IV-C – Aliens
Box 7:119
IV-D – Divinity student and ministers – exemptions
Box 7:120
IV-F – Unqualified for military service
Box 7:121
Counseling military personnel – General
Box 7:122
Counseling military personnel – Discharge
Box 7:123
Counseling military personnel – Reserves and ROTC
Box 7:124
Counseling military personnel – conscientious objectors
Box 7:125
Counseling veterans
Box 7:126
Draft avoidance – emigration to Canada
Box 7:127
Draft avoidance – emigration to nations other than Canada
Box 7:128
Renunciation of U.S. citizenship
Box 7:129
Correspondence on repatriation
Box 7:130

Subseries 2/4: Alternative Service Program
List of positions and correspondence
Box 8:131
Lists of potential employers in Massachusetts, #1
Box 8:132
Lists of potential employers in Massachusetts, #2
Box 8:133
Approved lists of programs from Selective Service System’s state headquarters, A-
Box 8:134
Approved lists of programs from Selective Service System’s state headquarters, -W
Box 8:135
Potential Massachusetts employers – “Do this next”
Box 8:136
Survey of immediate job possibilities, #1
Box 8:137
Survey of immediate job possibilities, #2
Box 8:138
Survey of immediate job possibilities, #3
Box 8:139
Survey of immediate job possibilities, #4
Box 8:140
Survey of immediate job possibilities, #5
Box 8:141
Survey of immediate job possibilities, blank forms
Box 8:142
University of Massachusetts/Amherst as an employer
Box 8:143
Potential jobs – employers’ brochures, #1
Box 8:144
Potential jobs – employers’ brochures, #2
Box 8:145
Potential jobs – employers’ brochures, #3
Box 8:146
Applications for alternative work – “current”
Box 9:147
Counseling – correspondence, #1
Box 9:148
Counseling – correspondence, #2
Box 9:149
Counseling – correspondence, #3
Box 9:150
1970 directory of the Mt. Toby monthly meeting of the Friends
Box 9:151
Delaware Draft Counseling and Educational Service
Box 9:152

Subseries 2/5: Program resources
Price lists – buttons, stickers and other artifacts
Box 9:153
Price lists – films
Box 9:154
Price lists – literature, audio tapes, etc.
Box 9:155
Lists of other anti-war centers
Box 9:156
Speakers lists
Box 9:157

Series 3. Literature

Subseries 3/1: Brochures, circulars and periodicals
Box 10:158
Akwesasne Notes
Box 10:159
American Friends Service Comnittee
Box 10:160
American Friends Service Conudttee, New England Regional Office
Box 10:161
Association for International Cooperation and Disarmament (AICD) (Australia)
Box 10:162
Avoid Vietnams in Latin America (AVILA)
Box 10:163
Box 10:164
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Bulletin
Box 10:165
Boston Area Ecology Action
Box 10:166
Box 10:167
Carbunkle Review
Box 10:168
Catholic Peace Fellowship
Box 10:169
CCCO Booklets #1-6 and “American Servicemen have rights”
Box 10:170
CCCO Draft Counselor’s Newsletter
Box 10:171
CCCO Newsletter
Box 11:172
CCCO circulars
Box 11:173
Civil Liberties
Box 11:174
Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnams
Box 11:175
Committee for Legal Research on Draft (bibliography)
Box 11:176
Committee in Defense of the National Service Act, Australia
Box 11:177
Committee to Defend Carlos Feliciano
Box 11:178
Conscientious Objector Service
Box 11:179
Counterdraft, vol. 1
Box 11:180
Counterdraft, vol. 2-3:4
Box 11:181
Box 11:182
Direct Action (NECNA)
Box 11:183
Draft Options
Box 11:184
Box 11:185
Earth Read-out
Box 11:186
Edeentric (Center for Educational Reform)
Box 11:187
Equity Newsletter
Box 11:188
Equity Newsletter
Box 12:189
Box 12:190
Fact Sheet On Vietnam War (CLCAV)
Box 12:191
FCNL Washington Newsletter (Friends Committee on National Legislation)
Box 12:192
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Box 12:193
Final Draft (AFSC New England Regional Office)
Box 12:194
Friends Peace Conmittee “Non-Violence” direct action, personal, nonphysical training manual (with notations)
Box 12:195
Box 12:196
High School Independent Newsletter
Box 12:197
Box 12:198
Indochina Bulletin (and War Bulletin)
Box 12:199
Indochina Information Service
Box 12:200
Indochina Peace Campaign, including Indochina Report
Box 12:201
Inter University Committee for Debate on Foreign Policy
Box 12:202
Issues and Actions (CLCAV)
Box 12:203
Jewish Peace Fellowship
Box 12:204
Box 12:205
Box 12:206
Medical Aid for Indochina
Box 12:207
Military Counselor’s Directory (CCCO)
Box 12:208
Military Law Reporter
Box 12:209
Mothers for Peace
Box 13:210
Box 13:211
National Action/Research on the Military Industrial Complex
May 1972
Box 13:212
National Action/Research on the Military Industrial Complex (NARMIC)
Box 13:213
National Citizens Committee Concerned about Deployment of the ABM
Box 13:214
National Conmittee Against Repressive Legislation
Box 13:215
National Council to Repeal the Draft
Box 13:216
National Council to Repeal the Draft. Newsletter
Box 13:217
National Council to Repeal the Draft. NCRD News Update, #1-9
Box 13:218
National Council to Repeal the Draft
Box 13:219
National Inter-religious Service Board of Conscientious Objectors
Box 13:220
National Peace Action Coalition
Box 13:221
National Strike Information Center Newspaper
Box 13:222
New American Movement. “Full Campaign-anti-war, anti-imperialism”
Box 13:223
New England Committee for Non-Violent Action; see also Direct Action
Box 13:224
New Mobilization Committee
Box 13:225
Newsletter on Military Law and Counseling, vol. 2-3
Box 13:226
Newsletter on Military Law and Counseling, vol. 4-5
Box 13:227
Nor more Hiroshimas! vol. 16:1-3
Box 13:228
Box 13:229
Opposition Air-War Bulletin, #1-3, (all published?)
March-April 1972
Box 13:230
Box 13:231
Box 14:232
People’s Coalition for Peace and Justice
Box 14:233
Promoting Enduring Peace 4140-232 (with gaps)
Box 14:234
Promoting Enduring Peace, general, Cards C 17-19 and 21, and unnumbered reprints
Box 14:235
Quaker Action Group
Box 14:236
Box 14:237
Reports for Conscience Sake (NSBRO)
Box 14:238
Resist (the organization and its newsletter)
Box 14:239
Box 14:240
Shell Oil Company
Box 14:241
Box 14:242
Southern Conference Educational Fund
Box 14:243
Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Box 14:244
Box 14:245
Box 14:246
Box 14:247
Union for National Draft Opposition
Box 14:248
U.S. Dept. of the Army (probably attachments to CCCO circulars)
Box 14:249
U.S. Dept. of State
Box 14:250
U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity Mobilization of Non-poor volunteers in Community Action (annotated)
Box 14:251
U.S. Selective Service System
Box 14:252
U.S. Selective Service System. Brochures, 1972 series
Box 15:253
Box 15:254
Box 15:255
War Resisters League
Box 15:256
World Law Fund
Box 15:257
Box 15:258

Subseries 3/2: Literature by Subject
Berrigan case
Box 15:259
Box 15:260
Draft and draft resistance
Box 15:261
Education in the ghetto
Box 15:262
High schools
Box 15:263
Hunger and malnutrition
Box 15:264
Pollution and environmental quality
Box 15:265
The Middle East
Box 15:266
Military-industrial complex
Box 15:267
Nonviolence and civil disobedience
Box 15:268
U.S. military service
Box 15:269
U.S. Racial Problems
Box 15:270
U.S. “Southern problems”
Box 15:271
Box 15:272
Vietnam war
Box 15:273
War tax resistance
Box 15:274
Washington D.C. protests, – People’s lobby, March blockade
15-22 May 1972
Box 16:275

Subseries 3/3:Newspaper clippings, extracts, etc.

(legal sized materials are in folder 353)

Draft reform and repeal, and volunteer army
Box 16:276
Draft and draft status
Box 16:277
Draft counseling
Box 16:278
Draft alternatives
Box 16:279
Foreign – Bangladesh, India and Pakistan
Box 16:280
Foreign – China
Box 16:281
Foreign – Latin America
Box 16:282
Foreign – Middle East
Box 16:283
Foreign – Southeast Asia
Box 16:284
Foreign – USSR and Eastern Europe
Box 16:285
“Human interest”
Box 16:286
U.S. – anti-government sentiment
Box 16:287
U.S. – Blacks and minorities
Box 16:288
U.S. – CIA
Box 16:289
U.S. – Congressional actions
Box 16:290
U.S. – Consumer rights
Box 16:291
U.S. – Drug scene
Box 16:292
U.S. – Economy and welfare
Box 16:293
U.S. – Elections
Box 16:294
U.S. – Environmental quality
Box 16:295
U.S. – FBI surveillance (“snooping” and Berrigan case)
Box 16:296
U.S. – Foreign policy and imperialism
Box 16:297
U.S. – Gun control
Box 16:298
U.S. – Justice and repression; civil rights
Box 16:299
U.S. – Military establishment and militarism
Box 16:300
U.S. – Military- industrial complex
Box 16:301
U.S. – Military justice
Box 16:302
U.S. – Military life, essays and descriptions
Box 16:303
U.S. – Military reform
Box 16:304
U.S. – Military – Vietnam veterans
Box 16:305
U.S. Peace movement
Box 16:306
U.S. – Pentagon papers and Ellsberg
Box 17:307
U.S. – Political prisoners (A. David, Harrisburg 11, etc.); civil disobedience
Box 17:308
U.S. – Population control
Box 17:309
U.S. – “Reactionaries and strong conservatives”
Box 17:310
U.S. – SST and Lockheed
Box 17:311
U.S. – Women’s movement
Box 17:312
Vietnam War –
Box 17:313
Vietnam War and American life
Box 17:314
Vietnam War – Army life
Box 17:315
Vietnam War – Cambodia
Box 17:316
Vietnam War – Chemical and biological warfare
Box 17:317
Vietnam War – Laos
Box 17:318
Vietnam War – My Lai (Lt. Calley) and other atrocities
Box 17:319
Vietnam War – Peace talks
Box 17:320
Vietnam War – Prisoners of war, jails, etc.
Box 17:321
Vietnam War – U.S. anti-war activity
Box 17:322
Vietnam War – U.S. campus demonstrations
Box 17:323
Vietnam War – U.S. costs
Box 17:324
Vietnam War – U.S. criticism
Box 17:325
Vietnam War – U.S. policy
Box 17:326
Vietnam War – Vietnam
Box 17:327
Worldwide – disarmament
Box 17:328
Worldwide – United Nations
Box 17:329

Subseries 3/4: Pamphlets

(legal sized materials are in folder 355)

Allen, Robert I. Dialectics of Black Power. N.Y.; Weekly Guardian Associates; 1969. 32 pp.
Box 18:330
Amherst, Mass., Citizens Review Commission Report to the town of Amherst, Nov. 1, 1969. 22 pp.
Box 18:330
American Friends Service Committee. Speak truth to power: a Quaker search for an alternative to violence. A study of international conflict prepared for (the author). (author?, 1955). vii, 71.
Box 18:330
_____. (another copy, same collation; printed in 1955).
Box 18:330
Bell, Inge Powell. Status discrepancy and the radical rejection of nonviolence. Photocopy from Sociological Inquiry 38:51-64, 1968, pp. 52-63 not copied.
Box 18:331
Berkeley-Oakland Women for Peace, Your draft-age son: a message for peaceful parents. Berkeley, CA, the author, 1968. 27 pp.
Box 18:331
Blumberg, Herbert H. Accounting for a nonviolent demonstration. Photocopy from Sociological Inquiry 38:43-50, 1968. With Bell, Inge Powell in L.
Box 18:331
Blumberg, Herbert H. A guide to organizations, books and periodicals concerned with nonviolence. Photocopy from Sociological Inquiry 38:73-93, 1968. With Bell, Inge Powell in L.
Box 18:331
Brinton, Howard H. The peace testimony of the Society of Friends. Philadelphia?; American Friends Service Committee; (1955?). 16 pp.
Box 18:331
Brown, Harrison. Community of fear, by Harrison Brown (and) James Real, with forward by Reinhold Niebuhr. Santa Barbara Ca.; Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions; 1960. (40 pp.)
Box 18:331
Clark, Sen. Joseph S. Stalemate in Vietnam: report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate. Washington D.C. U.S.G.P.O.; 1968. 24 pp.; folding map.
Box 18:332
Commission on Voluntary Service and Action. Invest yourself: a catalogue of service opportunities; 25th ed. N.Y.; the author; (1970). 51 pp.
Box 18:332
Directory of Social Change. Alternatives: foundation, a non-profit educational program for persons exploring alternative life styles. Sebastopol, Ca.; the Foundation; 1969. 30 pp.
Box 18:333
Dixwell Legal Rights Association, Inc. Community workers as community organizers. New Haven, Ct.; the author; (n.d.). (13 pp.); Photocopy.
Box 18:333
Drews, Dale H. Humanist Conscientious objection: a guide for men of draft age; 2nd ed. N.Y.; American Ethical Union; 1971. 44 pp.
Box 18:333
Drews, Dale H. Humanist conscientious objection: a guide for men of draft age. N.Y.; American Ethical Union; 1971. 44 pp. “Riesterer”.
Box 18:333
Eberly, Donald J. A profile of national service. N.Y.; Overseas Educa-tional Service; (1966?). 60 pp.; “Dean A. Allen”.
Box 18:334
_____. _____. another copy, marked “Allen”.
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Box 18:336
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Box 18:349
_____. _____. 9 other copies.
Box 18:349
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Box 18:349
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Box 18:353
Legal sized annex. Newspaper clippings photocopies
Box 20:353
Legal sized annex. Programs (all subseries)
Box 20:354
Legal sized annex. Pamphlets: Bell, Inge Powell
Box 20:355

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Series 4. Artifacts
Valley Peace Center sign, on cardboard 13″ X 13″: black lettering on white panels of heavy paper pasted onto black background; some panels missing.
Map Case #2, drawer 5
Panel 1. Valley/Peace/Center/ open weekdays/ one to five p.m./(panel 2) telephone AL 3-3683.
Panel 2. Saturdays, two to four
Panel 3. Trained draft/and military counselors are/available during these hours./For urgent cases/other times/ (missing).
Valley Peace Center poster, on heavy beige paper 24″ X 18″. “where will the children play/valley peace center. 1 cook place/in the alley. amherst 253-3683” over silhouettes of people and animals; signed: Stella 73 6/20. (i.e., 20-6-73?)
Map Case #2, drawer 5
Photograph poster, 23″ X 17″ of missile and billboard with legend “Strategic Air command/Peace is our Profession”; by Fleur De Lis, Amherst, Ma.
Map Case #2, drawer 5
U.S. Constitution. Bill of Rights, as proposed March 4, 1789. 13 1/2″ X 15″ facsimile, with footnotes.
Map Case #2, drawer 5
Rubber Stamp: “Valley Peace Center/1 Cook Place – In the Alley/253-3683/Amherst, Mass. 01002”
Box 4
Rubber Stamp: “Valley Peace Center/P.O. Box 418/Amherst, Mass. 01002”
Box 4
Blank button. 5 red.
Box 4
Blank button, red, hand-lettered: “KIDNAP/BEBE/RE(B)OZO”
Box 4
Peace stamps 1 1/2″ X 5″ booklet, of 500, with 72 remaining.
Box 4
Plastic packet of stickers:
Box 4
All our sons in Vietnam are POWs (5)
Peace on earth, good will toward men (5)
War is not healthy for children (5)
Gift of Nonny Burack and Dean A. Allen, 1974


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Valley Peace Center (Amherst, Mass.)

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