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Howe Family

Howe Family Papers

7 boxes 4.5 linear feet
Call no.: MS 019

Personal, business, and legal papers of the Howe family of Enfield and Dana, Massachusetts, including correspondence between family members, genealogies, account books and printed materials. Account books record transactions of various family members whose occupations included general storekeeper, minister, printer, postmaster, telephone exchange and gas-station owner, and document the transactions of community businesses and individuals, some of whom were women involved in the beginnings of the local palm leaf hat and mat industry.

Enfield (Mass.)--Biography
Enfield (Mass.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Enfield (Mass.)--History
Enfield (Mass.)--Social life and customs
Howe family--Genealogy
Quabbin Reservoir Region (Mass.)--History
Swift River Valley (Mass.)--History
Swift River Valley (Mass.)--Social life and customs
Howe, Donald W. (Donald Wiliam), 1982-1977
Howe, Edwin H., 1859-1943
Howe, Henry Clay Milton, b. 1823
Howe, John M.
Howe, John, 1783-1845
Howe, Theodocia Johnson, 1824-1898
Types of material
Account books
Business records
Hunt, W. W.

W. W. Hunt Account Book

1 vol. 0.25 linear feet
Call no.: MS 621 bd

The proprietor of a general store and postmaster in Wendell Depot, Mass., W. W. Hunt carried on a thriving business for a small Franklin County town during the 1880s and 1890s. Selling a range of dry goods, foodstuffs, and other goods, Hunt catered to residents in Wendell and neighboring communities up and down the Miller River.

An extensive ledger, marked No. 5, the W.W. Hunt account book contains records of sales of a surprising range of dry goods and foodstuffs, snaths and scythes, stamps and envelopes, and other goods useful to a rural community. Although most of Hunt’s customers were individuals seemingly purchasing for personal consumption, he also sold goods to the Farley and Goddard Wood Paper Companies, the Ladies Aid Society, and the town of Wendell, with some accounts marked “Town Farm.”

Merchants--Massachusetts--Wendell Depot
Wendell Depot (Mass.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Hunt, W. W.
Types of material
Account books
Kellogg, Rufus

Rufus Kellogg Ledger

1 vol. 0.1 linear feet
Call no.: MS 041 bd

A notable figure in Amherst, Mass., prior to the founding of Amherst College, Rufus Kellogg was born on July 16, 1794, the child of Jerusha and Joseph Kellogg. Married to Nancy Stetson in June 1820, Kellogg made a successful, if highly varied living, serving as town postmaster (1809-1824), keeping an inn and tavern at the “City” beginning in 1818, and farming, and he became a stalwart of the local Masonic lodge. His son Rufus Bela Kellogg rose even higher on the social ladder, graduating from Amherst College in 1858 and became a prominent banker.

A diverse and fairly complicated book of records, the Kellogg ledger is part waste book, day book, memorandum book, and account book, marking records of lending a horse and sleigh are interspersed with accounts for the sale of grain and hay, boarding locals, repairing pumps, and other miscellaneous transactions. Although it is unclear precisely which member or members of the Kellogg family kept any individual record, it appears that Rufus must have initiated the book, although later entries were clearly made by one or more of his children.

Acquired from Dan Casavant, Mar. 2006
Amherst (Mass.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Types of material
Account books
Ketcham, Robert, b. 1796?

Robert and Henry Ketcham Account Book

1 vol. 0.25 linear feet
Call no.: MS 176 bd

Owners of a farm business/general store in Charlton, Saratoga County, New York. Includes lists of items sold, services performed (such as plowing, harvesting, and planting corn), transactions with fellow townsmen, and debts owed. Also includes newspaper clippings of poetry, samples of dried pressed foliage, written document of Ketcham family births, deaths, and marriages, and the document of a house sale agreement.

Acquired from Charles Apfelbaum, 1987
Agricultural laborers--New York--Charlton (Town)--History--19th century
Charlton (N.Y. : Town)--Economic conditions--19th century
Farmers--New York--Charlton (Town)--Economic conditions--19th century
Food prices--New York (State)--New York--Charlton (Town)--History--19th century
General stores--New York--Charlton
Ketcham family--Genealogy
Ketcham, Henry
Ketcham, Robert, b. 1796?
Types of material
Account books
Kress, Claude Washington

Kress Political Economy Collection

1673-1925 Bulk: 1750-1850
2,934 items 46.5 linear feet
Call no.: D8 .A2

The heart of the Kress Collection lies in the lively pamphlet literature regarding Anglo-American political economics in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Although somewhat miscellaneous, the collection contains thousands of titles touching on many of the major issues in trade, finance, political reform, and public policy in Britain and to a lesser degree America. Topics range from tariffs and free trade to public debt and taxation, imports and exports, banking, unionism, and socialism. Nearly three quarters of the collection dates from before 1848.

Economics--History--18th century
Economics--History--19th century
Great Britain--Politics and Government--18th century
Great Britain--Politics and Government--19th century
Leland, James

James Leland Daybook

1 vol. 0.25 linear feet
Call no.: MS 094

Owner of a general store in Enfield, Massachusetts. Includes notations for the sale of a wide variety of goods (notably Know Nothing hats), names of customers (both individuals, particularly Irish, and businesses), and types of payment (cash, barter, and services).

Barter--Massachusetts--Enfield--History--19th century
Consumers--Massachusetts--Enfield--History--19th century
Enfield (Mass.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Enfield (Mass.)--Ethnic relations--19th century
General stores--Massachusetts--Enfield
Irish American Catholics--Massachusetts--Enfield--History--19th century
J.M. Crosby (Firm)
Leonard Woods (Firm)
Minot Manufacturing Company
Nativism--History--19th century
Shopping--Massachusetts--Enfield--History--19th century
Swift River Company
Leland and Smith Co.
Leland, James
Types of material
Lincoln, Abisha, 1800-1863

Abisha Lincoln Daybooks

3 vols. 0.25 linear feet
Call no.: MS 233

Born in February 1800, Abisha Lincoln kept a general store in Raynham, Mass., selling groceries, hardware, dry goods, shoes, and many other items to residents of the north end of town. Successful in business, Lincoln won election to local and state office and was followed into business by each of his three sons.

These daybooks from Abisha Lincoln record customer names, goods sold (such as groceries, hardware, dry goods, and shoes) and the form of payment: principally cash, with some local trade of agricultural commodities.

Barter--Massachusetts--Raynham--History--19th century
Consumer goods--Prices--Massachusetts--Raynham--History--19th century
Consumers--Massachusetts--Raynham--History--19th century
General stores--Massachusetts--Raynham
Raynham (Mass.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Raynham (Mass.)--History--19th century--Biography
Shopping--Massachusetts--Raynham--History--19th century
Lincoln, Abisha, 1800-1863
Types of material
Account books
Lloyd, Richard E., b. 1834

Richard E. Lloyd Daybook

1 vol. 0.25 linear feet
Call no.: MS 229 bd

Born in Wales in 1833, Richard E. Lloyd found great financial success after migrating to Vermont in the 1850s. Beginning as the proprietor of a dry goods business in Fair Haven, Vermont, he diversified and expanded his holdings, eventually becoming a senior partner in the slate manufacturing firm Lloyd, Owens, and Co.

The daybooks from Richard Lloyd’s dry goods firm include numbered accounts of customers (many with Welsh surnames), lists of items purchased, price per measure, forms of payment (cash, goods, services, credit, making clothes), and the goods sold. Lloyd dealt in a typical range of goods found in a rural general store, including fabrics, ready-made clothes, eggs and dairy products, fruits and nuts, garden seeds, cutlery and tinware, and jewelry.

Consumer goods--Vermont--Fair Haven--Prices--19th century
Fair Haven (Vt.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Fair Haven (Vt.)--History--19th century
General stores--Vermont--Fair Haven
Welsh Americans--Vermont--Fair Haven--19th century
Lloyd, Richard E.
Types of material
McKie, Neil

Neil McKie Daybook

1 vol. 0.25 linear feet
Call no.: MS 240 bd

Merchant who owned a dry goods and general merchandise shop in Easton, New York. Daybook representing purchases by hundreds of customers (some of whom were from among the region’s Quaker community) primarily from Easton, South Easton, and Cambridge, listed by surname, as well as lists of a wide variety of dry goods including some textiles identified by town of origin.

Akin, E. N
Beadle, D. S
Cambridge (N.Y.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Dingman, Henry
Dry-goods--Prices--New York--Easton--19th century
Easton (N.Y.)--Economic conditions--19th century
Foster, Rhodon
General stores--New York--Easton
Hoag, Isaac
Hunt, Daniel
McKie, George
Quakers--New York (State)--Cambridge
Quakers--New York (State)--Easton
Starbuck, Hiram
Thomas, D. C
Whiteside, Abbey
McKie, Neil
Types of material
Account books
Mercantile House (Portland, Me.)

Mercantile House Ledger

1 vol. 0.25 linear feet
Call no.: MS 285

Firm based in Portland, Maine, that supplied “merchandize” to local merchants in Maine, as well as in several locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and northeastern Massachusetts. Firm undertook international “adventures” as well. Ledger includes general accounts for merchandise, bills receivable and payable, cash, profit and loss, storage, and truckage, as well as accounts generated with certain ships.

Maine--Commerce--18th century
Maine--Commerce--Massachusetts--18th century
Maine--Commerce--New Hampshire--18th century
Massachusetts--Commerce--Maine--18th century
Merchants--Maine--Portland--18th century
New Hampshire--Commerce--Maine--18th century
Portland (Me.)--Commerce--18th century
Shipping--Accounting--18th century
Storage and moving trade--Maine--18th century
Types of material
Account books