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University of Massachusetts Amherst. Academic Units

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University of Massachusetts Amherst. Academic Units

100 linear feet
Call no.: RG 025

The academic departments at UMass Amherst are organized within ten schools and colleges. Among the more than 88 degree programs in 2009, 74 confer masters degrees, and 53 confer doctorates.

Containing the records of individual academic departments, programs, institutes, and centers, Record Group 25 documents the shifting history of disciplinarity and departmental affairs at UMass Amherst. The papers of individual faculty members are contained within the Faculty and Staff (FS) collections and are indexed separately in UMarmot.

00. Publications (including newsletters, but excluding all materials filed above)
A2. Accounting
A4. W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies
A5.5. Agricultural Education
A5.75. Agricultural Management Systems Center
A6. Anthropology
A7. Art
A8. Asian Studies Program and Committee
B5. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
.5. Molecular and Cellular Biology
B6. Biology
B7. Biotechnology Program
B8. Botany
B9. Building Materials Technology and Management
C2. Chemical Engineering
C3. Chemistry
C4. Civil Engineering
C5. Classics
C7. Communication Studies
.3. Student oratory speaking contests 1870-1948
.4. Debate
.5. Communication Disorders Department
.6. Center for the Study of Communication (CSC)
.7. Media Literacy Institute
C8. Comparative Literature
C9. Computer and Information Science
.1. Center for Realtime, Intelligent, Complex Computing Systems (CRICCS)
.2. Center for Computer-Based Instructional Technology (CCBIT)
C12. Center for Studies in Contemporary Culture
E1. Economics
E2. Electrical and Computer Engineering
E3. English (including Folklore and Journalism)
E4. Entomology
.9. Pesticide Chemical Information Center
E7. Environmental Quality, Technical Guidance Center for
E7.5. Environmental Education and Management Center (EEMC)
E8. Environmental Sciences
E9. Exercise Science
F2. Fine Arts Center
Prior to 1995, arts programs were the responsibility of the Fine Arts Council. For University Gallery Records before 1995, please see the records of the College of Arts and Sciences, RG 11/15. All New World Theater records prior to 1995 have been added to RG 25/F2/N4.

A8. Asian Arts and Culture Program 1999-2007 9 lin. feet
The Asian Arts and Culture Program was created in 1999 and is devoted to the expression of the performing and visual arts of Asian countries.

Materials include two Chinese calligraphy scrolls, Asian puppet exhibit materials, posters and photographs from performances, brochures, season programs, videotaped performances, audio cds, and two books: Arts in India 2003-2004 and Rituals in Dance.

N4. New World Theater 1995-2007
U5. University Art Gallery 1995-2007
F3. Family Business Center 1994-2007
F4. Food and Agricultural Engineering
F4.5. Food and Resource Economics (renamed in 1982, Agricultural and Resource Economics)
F4.7. Food Engineering
F5. Food Science and Nutrition
F5.5. Foreign Language Resource Center(s) (University and Five-College Inc.)
F6. Forestry and Wildlife Management
F8. UMass Program at Freiburg
F9. French and Italian Department
G2. General Business and Finance
G4. Geology and Geography (GeoSciences)
G6. Germanic
H4. Hispanic Literature and Linguistics
H5. History
.5. History Institute
H6. Home Economics Education
H8. Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Administration
H9. Human Development
5. Nursery School
I4. Industrial Engineering
I6. Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies
I7. Interpreter’s Studies Program
J8. Judaic Studies (Program and Committee)
J8.5. Center for Jewish Studies (CJS) 1991-2007
L1. Labor Relations and Research Center
L2. Landscape Architecture
L4. Latin American Studies (Program and Committee)
L6. Leisure Studies and Services
L7. Legal Studies
L8. Linguistics
M2. Management
M3. Marine Sciences Program
M4. Marketing
.8. Massachusetts Development Research Institute (MDRI)
M4.3. Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies
M4.5. Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) (1994-2007)
M5. Mathematics and Statistics
.5. Center for Applied Mathematics
M6. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
.1. Agricultural Engineering Laboratory, Wareham
M6.5. Microbial and Molecular Biology Laboratory Support Services (MMBLSS) 1995-2007
M7. Microbiology
M8. Military and Air Science
M9. Music and Dance
.2. Bands
.3. Orchestra
.4. Operetta Guild/Music Theatre Guild
.5. Singing Clubs (Glee Clubs, Arion Quartet, Statesman, Choirs, Chamber Singers, University Choral, etc.)
N3. National Environmental Technology for Waste Prevention Institute (NETI) (1994- )
N4. Near Eastern Studies (Program and Committee)
N5. Neuro Science and Behavior Program
N6. Institute for North American Trade and Economics
N7. Northeast Center for Urban and Community Forestry (1996- )
O2. Ocean Engineering Program
P2. Philosophy
P3. Physics and Astronomy
P3.1. Men’s Physical Education
P3.2. Women’s Physical Education (WOPE)
P3.3. Professional Preparation in Physical Education
P4. Plant and Soil Sciences
P4.5. Plant Biology Program
P5. Plant Pathology
.2. Shade Tree Lab
P6. Political Science
.2. Certificate Program in Population Studies
.3. Center for Public Policy and Administration (CPPA) 1997-2007
.4. Bureau of Public Administration
.5. Bureau of Government Research
.6. Legislative Service Project
.7. Jackie Robinson Initiative (1994-1997)
P7. Polymer Science and Engineering Program
.5. Center for University of Massachusetts-Industry Research on Polymers (CUMIRP)
P8. Psychology
.4. Psychological Services Center
.5. Cognitive Processes Laboratory
R3. Recreation
R4/R5. Remote Sensing Center
S3. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Institute 1996-2007
S5. Slavic Languages and Literature
S6. Social Thought and Political Economy (STPEC)
S7. Sociology
.5. Soviet and East European Studies (Program and Committee)
S8. Sport Studies
S10. Systems Neuroscience, Center for
T3. Theatre
.4. Summer Repertory Theatre
.5. Commonwealth Stage
.6. Black Repertory Theater 1969-2007
.8. University Theatre
.9. Theatre in the Works (Summer series)
U4. University of Massachusetts Transportation Center (UMTC) 1994-2007
U5. United Asia Learning Resource Center (UALRC) 1990
V2. Veterinary and Animal Sciences
W2. Water Resources Research Center (WRRC)
W3. Western European Area Studies (Program and Committee)
W5. Women’s Studies Program
W7. Wood Science and Technology
Z5. Zoology


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