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Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education

Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education Records

6 boxes 9 linear feet
Call no.: MS 513

Founded in 1982, the Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education (MWPHE) is a non-profit organization open to current and prospective women administrators in public higher education in the Commonwealth. Founded in 1982, the MWPHE serves as a support network, enhances professional development, encourages and promotes upward mobility, and addresses issues affecting Massachusetts public higher education and the status of women within the system.

The MWPHE records include administrative files and correspondence that document the organization’s work since its founding.

Biographical Note
MWPHE members

MWPHE members

Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education (MWPHE) is a non-profit organization open to women administrators, as well as to those women who aspire to administrative positions in public higher education in Massachusetts. Since 1982, the organization has established an information and support network, enhanced professional development, encouraged and promoted upward mobility, and addressed issues affecting Massachusetts public higher education and the status of women within the system.

Scope and Contents
Founded in 1982, the records of Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education document the organization’s work since their earliest days. Taken as a whole, the collection demonstrates the impact the MWPHE has had on the quality of public higher education in Massachusetts. In particular, the collection highlights the organization’s mission to represent and support women administrators, encourage networking for women, and provide professional development through speakers, workshops and forums.

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The collection is open for research.

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Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education Records (MS 513). Special Collections and University Archives, W.E.B. Du Bois Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

History of the Collection

Acquired from Diane Smith, 2006.

Contents List
Address lists 1990-1991 Box 1.4.4
Agendas 1987-2002 Box 2.58
Conferences, Board meetings, retreats.

Annual retreat 2006 June 8-9 Box 6.12
Board members 1987-2003 Box 2.50
Board elections, campus coordinators, letters and emails, biographies, research committee report.

Briarwood retreat 1988-1996 Box 1.4.5
Minutes, memoranda, application form, schedules and calendars.

Brochure 1989-1995 Box 1.5.1
Invitations and membership applications.

Brochure undated Box 2.55
Budget 1994 Box 2.5
By-Laws Committee 1987-1994 Box 2.17
Letters, meeting minutes, financial records, campus coordinators, professional development funds, memoranda, reports.

By-laws 1987-1995 Box 1.5.2
Proposed revisions and changes to by-laws, memorandum.

By-laws 2002 Box 2.59
Proposed revisions and changes.

Calendar 1994-1995 Box 2.8
Campus Coordinators correspondence 1988-1995 Box 2.9
Memoranda of: Martha D. Jones, Anita Kaplan, Joan M. McGowan, Patricia E. Chisholm, Mary E. Wilson, Elaine Gardiner.

Campus Coordinators 1991-1993 Box 1.6.1

Committee descriptions and members 1993-1995 Box 1.4.3
Executive Board, regional coordinators, conferences, retreats, members directory.

Committee descriptions and members 1990-1995 Box 2.10
Committee members 1990-1995 Box 1.6.2
Committee membership lists.

Conference brochures 1990-2002 Box 2.52
Conference brochures undated Box 6.15
Conference evaluation 2003 Spring Box 4.3
Conference evaluation 2004 Spring Box 4.4
Conference ideas 1987-1995 Box 2.6
Conference minutes 2004 Box 4.5
Conference photograph album 2001 Fall Box 6.10
Conference sites and meetings 1993-1994 Box 2.40
Conference 1993 Box 4.6
Conference 2002 Box 2.1
Conferences 1988-1993 Box 2.11
Mission statement, memoranda, and information concerning: Educational Leadership (1990), High Strides (1993), and Little Flags Theatre (1988).

Cooperative ventures 1987-1994 Box 2.60
Articles, committees, letters from Dorothea Alexander, Joan M. McGowan, Cynthia McGurren, Mary E. Wilson, Martha A. Brine.

Correspondence with CEOs 1993-1994 Box 1.6.3
Correspondence of Mary E. Wilson, Peter H. Cressy, Nancy Harrington.

Correspondence with CEOs 1993-1995 Box 2.13
Correspondence of Mary E. Wilson, Marion Kilson, Paul Frydrych, Anita Kaplan.

Correspondence with CEOs 1993-1994 Box 2.14
Correspondence of Mary E. Wilson, Adrian Tinsley, Grace Carolyn Brown, Daniel M. Asquino, Peter H. Cressy.

Correspondence with residents 1994-1995 Box 2.12
Special contributions, checks, and letters.

Correspondence with speakers 1987, 1993-1994 Box 2.15
Correspondence of Mary E. Wilson, Lois Harrison-Jones, Mary Caton, Jacqueline Kral, Elaine Gardiner, Grace Carolyn Brown, Stanley Z. Koplik, Patricia McGovern.

Correspondence with speakers 1993 Box 1.6.4
Correspondence of Mary E. Wilson, Grace Carolyn Brown, Stanley Z. Koplik, Patricia McGovern.

Correspondence 1990-1995 Box 1.4.1
Correspondence of Marion Bojas, Mary E. Wilson, Dorothea Alexander, Martha Jones.

Development 1994-1995, 2003 Box 2.3
By-laws and proposed revisions, memoranda, directory, money receipt book.

E-Board retreat 2005 June 9-10 Box 6.6
Elections 1988-1995 Box 2.7
Election committee, Executive Board, list of candidates.

Elections 1994 Box 1.7.1

Evaluation results 2004 Box 4.7
Evaluations 1999-2001 Box 2.54

Events pamphlets 2003-2004 Box 5.5
Executive Board meetings 1987-1995 Box 1.4.6
Minutes, memoranda, Secretary’s report.

Executive Board correspondence 1985-1997 Box 1.7.2
Correspondence and memoranda of Mary E. Wilson, Dorothea Alexander, Martha Brine, Carol Vaas, Elaine Gardiner, Martha Jones.

Executive Board correspondence 1990-1994 Box 2.18
Correspodence of Elaine Gardiner, Mary E. Wilson, Dorothea Alexander, Roberta T. Noodell, Diane Lapkin, Gail A. Indyk, Cynthia McCurren, Kay Ransdell.

Executive Board members 1990-1995 Box 1.7.3
Membership lists.

Executive Board 1988-1995 Box 2.16
Board officers and members, regional coordinators.

Executive Board 1994-1995 Box 2.19
Application for members, nomination forms, minutes, budget, memoranda.

Founding members 1994, 2002 Box 2.49
Newsletter, invitation, diskette.

How to Get Appointed to State Boards and Commissions: A Directory Prepared by Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women undated Box 6.8
Job Postings 1994 Box 2.21
Kaori Kelts 1993-2002 Box 3.1
Binder containing mostly letters, memoranda, brochures.

Letterhead undated Box 6.1
Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, Annual Report 2005 Box 6.2
Meeting 2004 Aug 13 Box 4.1
Membership committee 1993-1994 Box 2.25
Memoranda, brochure, flyer.

Membership correspondence 1989-1996 Box 1.8.2
Letters, memoranda, invitations, faxes, reports.

Membership correspondence 1993-1995 Box 2.27
Correspondence of Mary E. Wilson, Gwendolyn Rosemond, Cynthia McGurren, Dorothea Alexander, Elaine Gardiner.

Membership lists 1990-1994 Box 2.26
Membership lists 1993-1995 Box 1.8.1
Membership 1993-1997 Box 1.3
Professional development award application, Executive Board, annual retreat.

Membership 1994-1995 Box 1.4.2
Newsletter, Executive Board, annual retreat, committees.

Memoranda and letters undated Box 6.9
Minutes 1995-2002 Box 2.57
Executive Board minutes, annual board retreat, position descriptions, reports.

Miscellaneous 1992 Box 5.1
Miscellaneous 1995-1997 Box 5.2
Miscellaneous 2000-2003 Box 3.4
Letters, emails, brochures.

Miscellaneous 2003 Aug Box 4.9
Miscellaneous 2004 Box 5.3
Miscellaneous 2005 Feb Box 5.4
Miscellaneous undated Box 2.28
Business card and note.

Newsletters 1994 Box 2.29
Memoranda, copy of newsletter, fall and spring conferences.

Newsletters 1994-1996 Box 1.9.1
Issues of newsletter, memoranda, invoices, faxes, photographs.

Newsletters 2001 Box 2.2
Newsletters 2004 Spring Box 6.7
Newsletters 2005 Spring Box 6.4
Newsletters 1993-2004 Box 2.56
Nominations Committee 1988 Box 1.9.2
Mary E Mahoney to candidates concerning elections for the Executive Board.

Nominations Committee 1988-1994 Box 2.30
Letters ffrom Mary E. Mahoney, Mary E. Wilson, Dorothea Alexander.

OFC Day Care Project 1991-1993 Box 2.4
Parallel Lives: the Kathy and Mo Show, Stone Forge Inn. 2003 Apr 25 Box 5.6
Photograph album undated Box 6.14
Photographs undated Box 6.11
Positions descriptions undated Box 2.31
Regional coordinator, campus coordinator.

Positions descriptions 1988 Box 1.10
Professional Development Award application 2004 Box 4.2
Professional Development Committee 1991-1996 Box 1.11
Memoranda and faxes concerning professional development awards and scholarships.

Professional Development Committee 1991-1995 Box 2.33
Memoranda, letters, awards committee report.

Program committee 1990-1994 Box 2.34
Members, letters from Mary E. Wilson, Jean Goodwin, Dorothea Alexander.

Public Relations Committee 1993-1995 Box 1.1
Minutes, budget, memorandum, letters, invitation, pamphlet, photographs.

Public Relations Committee 1993-1995 Box 1.12
Letters and memoranda.

Public Relations Committee 1993-1994 Box 2.36
Letters, by-laws.

Raynham, Mass. undated Box 5.7
Real Cuts-Real People-Real Pain: The Effects of the Fiscal Crisis on Women and Girls in Massachusetts; prepared for the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. 2004 Dec Box 6.5
Regional and campus coordinators 1988-1995 Box 2.37
Lists, job descriptions, memoranda.

Regional and campus coordinators 1990-1996 Box 1.13
Lists of coordinators.

Regional and campus members 1993-1994 Box 2.23
Campus coordinators, members, committees.

Regional coordinators 1991-1994 Box 2.38
Regional meetings 1987 Box 1.14
Regional meetings undated Box 2.39
Memorandum from Dorothea Alexander to Campus Coordinators

Research Committee 1986-1987 Box 1.15
Letters and memoranda concerning research questionnaire.

Resignations 1993-1995 Box 2.42
Resignations 1994 Box 1.16
Resource directory 2002-2003 Box 5.10
Retreat 1988-1995 Box 2.43
Letters and memoranda, schedules, financial records, Briarwood minutes,position descriptions.

Retreat 2003 June Box 4.8
Speakers 1999-2001 Box 2.53
Biographies and professional summaries, conferences.

Spring conference brochures 2006 Apr 28 Box 6.3
Stationary undated Box 2.41
Stationary undated Box 1.17.3
Staying Upbeat in Downbeat Times, Publick House, Sturbridge, Mass. 2003 Oct 31 Box 5.8
Student Awards Committee Letters and lists of winners. Box 1.17.1
Student Awards Committee 1990-1995 Box 2.44
Criteria and nomination forms, letters and memoranda.

Tax documents 1990-1994 Box 1.2
By-laws, check register, bank slips, memoranda concerning tax exempt status.

Treasurer’s reports 1989-1995 Box 2.47
Check registers, expense reports, federal tax information.

Treasurer’s correspondence 1993-1994 Box 2.46
Letters and memoranda, receipts, financial statements.

Treasurer’s reports 1999-2000 Box 2.51
Membership, conferences, retreats, invoices, letters.

Treasurer’s report 2003 Nov Box 4.10
Treasurer’s report 2004 Nov Box 4.11
Treasurer’s report 2005 Box 5.9
Treasurer’s Reports 1990-1996 Box 1.17.2
Letters and memoranda concerning conferences, check registers, reimbursements, donations.

Women’s organizations: MAWE 1993 Box 2.48
Connections East Survey.

Worcester State College Catering Services 1985-2002 Box 3.5
Letters and memoranda, brochures, photographs.

You: Resilient in a World of Change, DiBurro’s, Ward Hill, Mass. 2004 Apr 2 Box 5.11


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Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education