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Joseph Warder
The true Amazons: or, The monarchy of bees. Being a new discovery and improvement of those wonderful creatures ... Also, how to make the English wine or mead.
London, Printed by I. Dawks, for and sold by J. Pemberton, 1712.
xii, [4], 166 p. 17 cm.

Call no: SF525 .W26 1712

The first edition of Joseph Warder’s True Amazons: Or, The Monarchy of Bees was printed during the reign of Queen Anne. Dedicated to new queen, the book makes no mistake as to the gender of the ruling insect. Warder writes that "no Monarch in the World is so absolute as the Queen of the BEES."

Concerned with a then-modern concept of scientific accuracy, Warder's work is distinguished by its effective treatment of bee physiology and his comments on bee management, and Warder even takes issue with Rusden’s statement that drones are merely females who have lost their stings, writing that such an assertion can be disproved merely by taking up a scalpel and performing a simple dissection.

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