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Moses Rusden
A further discovery of bees. Treating of the nature, government, generation & preservation of the bee. With the experiments and improvements arising from the keeping them in transparent boxes, instead of straw-hives. Also proper directions (to all such as keep bees) as well to prevent their robbing in straw-hives, as their killing in the colonies.
London, Printed for the author, 1679.
12 p. l., 143 p. front., 3 fold. plates. 17 cm.

Call no.: SF525 .R95 1679

Writing of his "discovery" of bees, Rusden states that he "speaks knowingly, and by experience, of Kings, and Chieftains; of War, and Pece; of Obedience and Subjection, of Government and Discipline, of Ingenuity and Labour..." An Englishman and a royalist, Rusden dedicated his work to the King, and throughout, he cites the natural monarchy of bees as proof that nature approves of a monarchical form of human government.

Primarily an exploration of natural history, this 17th century text contains a number of observations that were controversial in their day and some that today seem wildly inaccurate: contradicting previous works on the subject, Rusden insists that the head bee, like the head of England, is male.

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