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Du Bois: Activist Life
THE AFTER-THOUGHT: Hear my cry, O God the Reader; vouchsafe that this my book fall not still-born into the world wilderness. Let there spring, Gentle One, from out its leaves vigor of thought and thoughtful deed to reap the harvest wonderful. Let the ears of a guilty people tingle with truth, and seventy millions sigh for the righteousness which exalteth nation, in this drear day when human brotherhood is mockery and a snare. Thus in Thy good time may infinite reason turn the tangle straight, and these crooked marks on a fragile leaf be not indeed
Souls of Black Folk
The Souls of Black Folk is a collection of essays that Du Bois published in 1903. He had already published two scholarly books and scores of monographs and articles in national magazines. But The Souls of Black Folk brought international recognition to Du Bois. It was praised for literary merit and for its social commentary. It won the highest praise from the recognized master of American Letters. Henry James wrote that "the only 'Southern' book of any distinction for many a year is 'The Souls of Black Folk' by that most accomplished of members of the Negro race, Mr. W.E.B. Du Bois." But Du Bois also stirred up a heated controversy with a chapter on Booker T. Washington. In criticizing Washington's philosophy of accepting the status quo in racial matters, Du Bois brought down the wrath of the "Tuskegee Machine" and those who supported it. It was Du Bois' opening salvo in a bitter controversy that was to change the nature and direction of black protest in America. Since the first edition in 1903, The Souls of Black Folk has gone through several printings totaling over 350,000 copies, has had worldwide circulation, and has been translated into multiple languages.
Manuscript draft of Souls of Black Folk Draft of a chapter from The Souls of Black Folk, "The Sorrow Songs."
Same chapter, printed Same chapter, printed.

Book review of Souls of Black Folk Book review of Souls of Black Folk.

Du Bois in 1907 Du Bois in 1907.

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