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The connections between Japan and the newly formed Massachusetts Agricultural College are an important part of the lore of UMass Amherst and are considered an early acknowledgment of the innovative spirit lying behind the Commonwealth's experiment in practical agricultural education. Supporters touted the fact that the Imperial Japanese government looked to MAC as a model for establishing their own agricultural college in 1876, and noted that President William Smith Clark and a string of MAC graduates such as William Wheeler, William Penn Brooks, and David P. Penhallow traveled to Japan to help the Sapporo Agricultural College (later Hokkaido University) get off the ground.

Less well known, however, is that the relationship with Hokkaido marked the beginning of international students coming here to study. During its first four decades of operation, MAC hosted a steady stream of international students, with the majority from Japan, Brazil, and Turkey. As early as 1873, Clark could boast in College's Annual Report, with only a little embellishment, that “every county of Massachusetts, and thirteen other States and nationalities, are represented in the College,” even while he complained that most applicants were not adequately prepared by our educational system for collegiate work. Clark also pointed out that Levi Stockbridge was already overseeing cultivation of a garden featuring over 100 varieties Japanese plants sent back to MAC by previous students who had returned home.

The first several international students to arrive at MAC came as members of the Select Class, students who did not pursue the full curriculum, but who otherwise participated fully in campus life for the time in which they were enrolled. The first such student, a Brazilian named Fiuza Barreto, arrived in 1870, followed by Geamon Youchi from Japan (entered 1871, although his status is unclear), and the Select Class of 1872, which included three Japanese students (Naito, Nomura, and Yamao) and a Spaniard (Codina).

Naito appears to have been the first international student to enroll as a regular MAC student, following his Select year by entering as a Freshman in 1873, however it was not until 1877 that MAC issued its first bachelor's degree to an international student: Raimundo Porto of Brazil.

Count Yataro Mishima ('88) published a letter on the Agriculture of Japan in the College Monthly, a student newspaper, for October 1887.

The first Japanese student graduate from MAC, Boonzo Hashiguchi, went on to a distinguished career that saw him become President of Sapporo Agricultural College.

1870SCBarreto, FiuzaBrazil
1872SCCodina, GabrielSpain
1872SCNaito, SaitaroJapan
1872SCNomura, IchiskayJapan
1872SCYamao, Isnataro [listed in 1871 Index as Special Student]Japan
1872SCCarter, Walter Edward [listed in 1872 Index as Select Student]Ireland
1874SCNakamisha, Masanogo [listed in 1873 Index as Special Student]Japan
1878SCCarneiro, Manuel DiasBrazil
1875SCCarvallo, WilliamChile
1875DNGYamao, TenataroJapan
1875DNGYouchi, GeamonJapan
1876DNGWayesugi, Tall KatuyoshiJapan
1877Porto, RaimundoBrazil
1878SCCasparian, GregoryTurkey
1878SCDelano, Julio JoaquinChile
DNGPlaza, Enguerrando [listed in Index as freshman with class of 1880]Chile
1881Hashiguchi, Boonzo (later Pres. Sapporo Agric. College) Japan
1883Hevia, Alfred A. Cuba
1883Braune, Domingo H. Brazil
1885Almeida, Luciano Jose d. Brazil
1885Tekirian, Benoni O. Turkey
1886Ateshian, Osgan H. Turkey
1887Almeida, Augusto Luis deBrazil
1887Torelly, Firmino da SilvaBrazil
1888Mishima, YataroJapan
1888DNGOkami, YoshijiJapan
1889DNGYamamura, KohachiJapan
1890Castro, Arthur de Moraes eBrazil
1890Herrero, Jose MariaCuba
1891Lage, Oscar Vidal BarbosaBrazil
1891DNGVolio, Enrique TinocoCosta Rica
1892GradOno, SaburoJapan
1893Tinoco, Luis A. T. Brazil
1894GradThabu, Koli SanBurma
1895Ballou, Henry A. Barbados
1895Kuroda, ShiroJapan
1896Sastre Veraud, SalomeMexico
1896Saito, SeijiroJapan
1896Tsuda, GeorgeJapan
18962 yrManzanilla Montore, LorenzoMexico
18972 yrCanto, Jose Dolores BolivarMexico
18972 yrSastre de Veraud, CesarMexico
18982 yrDolores, Jose de los Santos, Canto Perez de SalamancaMexico
1898WinterChiashi, Louie YeizoJapan
1898GradKochi, ChujiroJapan
1898Adjemian, Arvedis G. Turkey
1900Canto, Ysidro HerreraMexico
1900WinterJejeian, Gabriel SolomonTurkey
1900WinterKrikorian, Karakin KrikorTurkey
1901GradIkeda, HidezoJapan
1901Tashjian, Dickran B. Turkey
1901Ovalle Barros, Julio MoisesChile
1903Nersessian, Paul N. Turkey
1904DNGArimoto, ShintaroJapan
1907DNGLiang, Ling ChiChina
1908Liang, Lai KweiChina
1908DNGHuang, Chen-HuaChina
1909Cardin, Patricio G. Cuba
1909Jen, HuanChina
1909Shamial, George M. Syria
1909Turner, Henry W. Cuba
1909Hsieh, En-LungChina
1911Nagai, IsaburoJapan
1911DNGLiang, Ying ChiChina


  • 2 yr = Two year course in Agriculture
  • DNG = Did not graduate
  • Grad = Enrolled as a postgraduate at the Experiment Station
  • SC = Select Class
  • Winter = Enrolled in the Winter Course


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  • Catalog of Graduates and Former Students of the Massachusetts Agricultural College (Amherst, 1916)
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