The Insectary of the entomological department of the Hatch Experiment Station was built in 1889. The expense of its construction, $2000, was met by the Agricultural College and the Massachusetts Society for the Promotion of Agriculture. The investigations of this department relate to the life and habits of insects injurious to vegetation, and are under the direction of the State entomologist, Professor Charles H. Fernald. The building is a story and a half high, 28 by 20 feet in area, and has adjoining it a greenhouse 30 feet long and 18 wide. The ground- floor contains the entomologist's office, a laboratory, and an “ insecticide room,” where the various compounds for killing insects are tested. The laboratory occupies the entire half of the floor adjoining the greenhouse. This latter is divided into a hot room and a cold room, which are used for breeding insects. In the cellar of the main house are vaults for wintering such insects as may be under investigation. It was in this building that the extended investiga- tions of the gypsy moth, for the destruction of which the State has expended much money, were first made. The department is constantly receiving queries from all over the country, principally this State, however, in regard to the destruction of common and injurious insects

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