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Goessmann, Helena T.

The daughter of redoubtable MAC faculty member Charles A. Goessmann, Helena T. Goessmann was hired by the college as an assistant in English in 1910, making her perhaps the first woman member of the faculty.

A graduate of Amherst High School and Sacred Heart College in Providence, R.I., Goessmann received an MPh at Ohio State in 1895, rounding out her education with study and travel in London, Paris, and Munich in 1899-1900.

Goessmann published The Christian Woman in Philanthropy, a novella Brother Phillip, and a book of poetry A Score of Songs. Hired as an Assistant in English in 1910, she was promoted to Instructor in 1914, remaining on faculty

Goessmann died in the summer of 1926 after a period of ill health had forced her


See the Skinner, Edna, “Helena T. Goessmann,” Index (1928), p.17.

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