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-====== College Barn ====== 
-In 1890, tuberculosis having gained a foothold in the college herd,  
-Dr. James B. Law of Cornell, the most noted veterinarian in the  
-country, was employed to make an examination of the college herd  
-and spent several days examining every animal in the most thorough  
-manner then known to science. After his examination, Dr. Law  
-recommended the slaughter of two animals only, and it was hoped  
-that there would be no further serious trouble. This hope was not  
-realized, and Professor Brooks in his farm report for 1892, in a letter  
-addressed to the president, urged the abandonment of the old bam  
-and the construction of a new one.  
-The appropriation for the new bam and the moving of the farm  
-house was made by the Legislature in 1893. Construction of the bam  
-and stables was begun the same year and completed in the summer of  
-1894, the alumni dinner at commencement of that year being held on  
-the floor of the new bam, into which the new-made hay had just begun  
-to be stored. The stables were not completed until later in the fall.  
-The bam and stables were regarded as the most complete and con-  
-venient, in many ways, of any in the country at that time. They  
-were completely destroyed by fire in November, 1905. The founda-  
-tions were not materially damaged and the bam and stables were  
-rebuilt in 1906. A second fire which occiirred August 15, 1908, de-  
-stroyed the storage bam, but did not damage the cow stable. The  
-storage part of the bam was rebuilt in 1909.  
-June 18th of 1894 the old college barn was burned, the  
-fire supposed to be of incendiary origin. 
-From Brief history of the Massachusetts agricultural college, semicentennial, 1917 
-by Caswell, Lilley B. (Lilley Brewer), 1848-  [[https://archive.org/details/briefhistoryofma00casw/page/38/mode/2up]] 
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