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Northeast Residential Complex

Constructed: 1935-

Architects: Unknown

Design and construction

Northeast Residential
Northeast Residential
Northeast Residential
Northeast Residential
Northeast Residential

The Northeast Residential Area was built in the the years surrounding the Second World War as a major dormitory complex. The ten structures that comprise the area were uniformly designed in neo-Georgian style between 1935 and 1959, and laid out in a bilaterally symmetrical site plan surrounding an open grassed area that is known as the Quad (quadrangle).

Originally designed as dormitories, the group includes Knowlton House, Hamlin House, Crabtree House, Leach House, Lyon House, Dwight House, Thatcher House, Lewis House and Johnson House. All continue to serve as dormitories in 2008, except for Arnold House, which was converted into offices in 1966.


  • See reports for the individual buildings
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