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Munson Hall

Constructed: 1898

Architect: Emory A. Ellsworth, Holyoke, Mass.

Design and Construction

Munson Hall
Munson Hall
Munson Hall

A two-story building in brick, with wood and brownstone trim, Munson Hall was originally built as a veterinary laboratory under the guidance of James B. Paige, for whom it was originally named. The features of the building defy simple categorization, but include a porch with classical columns and heavy entablature molding under the roof. The paired semi-circular bays and hipped roof with a central dormer contribute to the symmetry of the building. In later years, Munson Hall has housed the University's Communications and Marketing Division, including the Campus Chronicle, News Office, Publications, and UMass Magazine.

Naming of the building

In 1951, when a new veterinary pathology building was completed, what was then called Paige Laboratory became the Center for Extension Service and was renamed in honor of Willard A. Munson, director of the Extension Service from 1926 to 1950.


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  • For additional information, consult the University Archives (RG 36/101).
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