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Brooks Farm Complex


The Massachusetts Agricultural College stock facilities were originally located at a farm complex that stood in the south central area of the core campus, in the vicinity of the current location of Herter Hall and the Whitmore administration building.

In 1890, an outbreak of tuberculosis in the college cattle herd prompted the college to build a new stock facility just to the south and west of the small ravine of Tan Brook, where it runs west after leaving the campus pond (just south and west of the present-day Campus Center Parking Garage, Thompson Hall, and Grinnell Arena. Prior to being destroyed y fire, the original farm complex on the ridge had already been abandoned due to fears of tuberculosis contamination in the soil and bui8lding. The original south barn was used for storage until it was destroyed by fire in 1894, the first of three major barn fires at MAC between 1894 and 1908.

Barn Complex 1 (1894)

In 1893, the legislature of the Commonwealth appropriated funds for the construction of the new stock facility. Construction commenced later in 1893 and was completed in 1894 during the administration of Henry Hill Goodell.

The barns constructed under the original 1893 contract were made of wood and designed in the Queen Anne style. This agricultural complex (here called Barn Complex 1) consisted of a new horse barn (still extant in 2012), a very large storage barn, and a dormitory complex for farm workers, also attached to two large stables for cattle. The facility was dedicated by President Goodell at the annual Alumni Dinner in 1894, which was held on the main floor of the new storage barn.

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