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University of Massachusetts Amherst. Photographs

University of Massachusetts Amherst. Photographs, ca.1867-2007.

The archives of UMass Amherst contain tens of thousands of formal and informal photographic images of the campus community from its founding in the 1860s to the present. The collections have been organized into over twenty discrete series. Digitized version of approximately 13,000 of images are available online.

Scope and Contents
  • University Officials (RG 110)
  • Faculty and Staff (RG 120)
  • Students and Alumni (RG 130)
  • Student Organizations (RG 140)
  • Sports (RG 141)
  • Military (RG 142)
  • Public Safety (RG 143)
  • Activities and Events (RG 145)
  • Subject Files (RG 146)
  • Alumni Magazine (RG 147)
  • The Index (the yearbook, RG 148)
  • Lincoln Ware Barnes Photograph Collection (RG 149)
  • Building and Grounds (RG 150)
  • Departments (RG 160)
  • Animals (RG 165)
  • Panoramas (RG 170)
  • Fred Moore Photograph Collection (RG 173)
  • Glass Plate Negatives (RG 174)


  • University of Massachusetts Amherst

Types of material

  • Photographs