UMass Amherst. Faculty and Staff

UMass Amherst. Faculty and Staff, 1863-2007.

Call no.: RG 040

The faculty at UMass Amherst has grown from five when Massachusetts Agricultural College opened its doors in 1869 to nearly 1,200 full time members in 2009.

In addition to extensive documentation of the Faculty Senate and other groups, RG 40 includes documentation of over 5,000 individual members of UMass Amherst faculty and staff, with information ranging from vitae and resumes to research notes, newsclippings, and publications, mostly originating with or gathered by the University or University Archives. The personal and professional papers of individual faculty members are housed and entered into UMarmot separately (with call numbers beginning FS), and materials for faculty who also held administrative posts may be filed in the relevant record group(s).

00. Publications (except as noted below)
1. Faculty in general
1. Meetings (College and University)
2. Lectures
3. Grades
4. Salaries
5. Tenure
6. Sabbatical Leave
7. Travel Funds
8. Retired Faculty
9. Commonwealth Professorships
10. Faculty Residence Program
11. Awards (from outside sources)
2. Official University Committees and Faculty Senate 1957-2007
A1. Faculty Senate, minutes and agenda
.1. Educational Policies Council
The Educational Policies Council was preceded by the Curriculum Committee and the Course of Study Committee.

A2. Academic Matters Committee
A3. Faculty Senate Committees
A4. Faculty Senate Documents
A5. Faculty Senate Secretary
A5.5. University Committee on Aids 1987-1993
A6. University Committee on Alcohol Use 1957-2007
B5. Biotechnology Program Committee 1985-1988
C.5. Campus Awareness Committee 1986-2007
C1. Catalogue 148 1910-1927
C2. Celebration 1912-1917
C2.1. Centennial Committee 1960-1963
C3. Chancellor’s Commission on Civility in Human Relations 1980-2007
C4. University China Committee 1980-2007
C4.5. Classroom Improvement Committee 1994-2007
C5. Committee on Overseas Programs and Exchanges (COPE) 1964
C6. Communications-Related Disciplines and Center for Massachusetts Communications 1969
C6.5. Computer Study 1966-1970
C6.7. Provost’s Task Force on Academic Computing 1984-1985
C6.9. Ad hoc Committee on Consensual Relations 1993-2007
C7. Core-Curriculum 1949-1950
C8. Curriculum 1933
C9. Ad hoc Curriculum 1966, 1968
C9.5. Student Curriculum 1934
D4. Dental Hygiene 1962
D5. Development Advisory Council 1969
D5.5. Commission on Campus Diversity 2004-2007
E3. Educational Liaison Project 1977
E4. Employment 1910-1928
E5. Entrance 1908-1936
E7. Environmental Resource Coordinating Committee 1993
F1. Faculty Guide Committee 1988-1989
F2. University Faculty Senate, ad hoc Committee
F3. Farm 1897
F8. Future University of Massachusetts 1970-1971
G2. The Chancellor’s Task Force on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns 1993-2007
G3. Support Group for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns 1987-2007
G7. Graduate School 1910-1913
H4. Health Program 1970-1972
H5. University History Committee 1986-1987
H7. Honorary Degrees 1975-1979
H7.5. Housing Services Review Committee 1993
H8. Human Subjects Review 1982
I4. Task Force on Increased Recruitment 1991
I5. Instruction 1910
L1. Law School 1966-1975
L1.5. Committee on University Lectures 1986
L2. Liability 1958
L3. Library 1911-1957 (bulk 1951-1957)
L3.5. Library Task Force Report 1980-1981
L5. Joint Committee on Literature 1974
M3. Marine Sciences Facilities at Cape Ann, ad hoc 1975
M4. Massachusetts Agricultural Review 1926-1930
M4.5. Massachusetts State College in the Post-War Period 1944
M5. Mid-Winter Alumni Day 1923-1926
M6. Minority Student Services Review Commission 1988
M8. Missions and Goals 1975-1976
M9. Chancellor’s Task Force on Multicultural Issues 1990
M10. Multicultural Student Union Committee 1991
N4. M.A.C. News Service 1926
O4. Ombudsman Selection 1975-1976
P2. Parents’ Day 1925
P3. Parking and Transportation Council 1972-1975
P6. Selection of a President 1927-1969
P7. Chancellor’s Committee on Professional Personnel 1966-1972
P8. Project Bridge 1968
P9. Publications 1916-1927
P9.1. Publications Policy 1949-1950
P9.2. Publications and Public Relations 1954-1956
P9.5. Publicity 1926-1927
R3. Faculty Working Group on Racial Awareness and Cultural Diversity 1987-2007
R3.5. Recycling Committee 1989-2007
R4. Research 1951-1957
R4.5. Resident Assistant Role Review Committee 1993
R5. Retention Committee (student drop-out problem) 1985-2007
R6. President’s Committee on Room Rents and Fees 1970
S1. Campus Safety 1923-1924
S1.5. Safety Committee 1978
Report of the Graduate Research Center

S2. Salary 1947-1948
C6. Salaries and Cost of Living 1919
S2.5. Schedule 1910-1923
S2.7. Advisory Committee for Scheduling 1983-2007
S3. Scholarship 1910-1957
E3. Future School of Education 1976
S4. Semi-Centennial 1913-1921
S4.2. Specific Committee on Service Learning Curriculum 1994-2007
S4.5. Sexual Assault Advisory Committee 1990-1992
S5. State Relationships 1933-1934
S6. Stockbridge School 1924-1945
S6.5. Strategic Planning Process 1993-2007
S7. Student Activities 1909-1911
L5. Student Life 1911-1955
S8. Task Force on Super Conductors 1985
T3. Teaching Principles 1937-1938
T7. Traffic and Parking Appeals Board 1972-2007
U4. Undergraduate Retention Committee 1992
U5. University College 1966-1967
U6. University Community Service Council 1993-2007
V3. Valuation of Courses 1911-1967
W6. Women’s News in the Collegian 1978
3. Faculty and staff committees and organizations not appointed by an official unit
A.5. Academic Advisors’ Council 1986-1993
A1. Faculty Group for Academic Freedom 1969-1970
A1.5. Ad hoc Faculty/Librarian Action Committee 1980
A6. Applied Behavioral Science Alliance (ABSA) 1973-1974
A7. Army Reserve Unit 1961
C2. Coordinating Committee on the Campus Convention on the Future of Public Higher Education 1995-2007
D4. Demography Group 1982-2007
D5. Disarmament Study Group 1981
H7. Committee for Human Rights and a Responsible University 1987
H8. Committee for Human Rights in the Soviet Area 1974
J4. Jewish Faculty Professional Group 1980
L4. Literary Society 1953-1959
M4. Metawampe Club 1907-2007
N6. Northeast Quadrangle President’s Council, Housing sub committee 1968
O5. On Campus Alumni Club 1986-1989
P1. UMass Faculty/Staff for Peace and Justice in the Middle East 1990-1991
P2. Faculty and Staff for Peace in Central America 1985-1987
P3. Phi Beta Kappa 1932-2007
P4. Phi Kappa Phi 1904-2007
P7. Faculty Group of Principal Investigators 1978
S3. Shubenacadie Club 1921-1942
S4. Sigma Xi 1938-1968
T7. Faculty Committee on Trusteeship and Faculty Salaries 1962
V5. Vietnam Moratorium, Faculty for 1969
W5. Women in German (WIG) 1975-2007
4. Joint committees of Faculty Senate and either or both Student Senates
5. Unions and associations
A2. American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
See also MS 152, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Records.

C6. Committee of Concerned Faculty
.5. Committee of Four Hundred
C7. Credit Union
F3. Faculty Freedom Task Force 1976
F8. Committee for a Fully Informed Faculty 1976
M4. Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) (see also MS-266)
.1. Massachusetts Society of Professors-American Association of University Professors (MSP-AAUP)
P6. International Brotherhood of Police Officers (NAGE)
P7. Professional Association of UMass at Amherst (PAUMA)
P7.5. Professional Staff Appeals Committee
P7.7. Professional Staff Organization (PSO) 1984-2007
R4. Retired Staff Association 1993-2007
S4. Local 1776, AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees); Council 41
S5. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) (Local-509)
S6. Socialistic Faculty Caucus
T9. 12 to 1 (Commonwealth Clericals)
U5. UMass Labor Council 1995-2007
U6. University Staff Association (USA)
U7. University Women’s Network (UWN)
W5. Women In Staff Professional Positions (WISPP)
6. Faculty Club
7. University Women
2. Newcomer’s Club
3. Engineering Faculty Women’s Club (Engineering Wives)
9. Faculty and Staff Bibliographies (collective)
10. Faculty and Staff Biographies, Lists, and Directories (collective)
11. Individual Faculty and Staff
Alphabetically arranged with biographies, publications, and other papers interfiled.


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