UMass Amherst. Campus Center

UMass Amherst. Campus Center and Student Union

Call no.: RG 037

The Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center and Student Union is one of the hubs of undergraduate life at UMass Amherst, offering a range of facilities and services to the university community. In addition to the Campus Center Hotel and rooms for meetings, conferences, conventions, and special events, the Campus Center houses UMass Catering Services, retail food outlets, student cooperative businesses, administrative offices, and the University Store. The Student Union houses student organizations and other stores and food outlets.

1. Campus Center
2. Dining Services
3. Hotel Operations
4. Events Office 1996-2007
5. University Store
6. Print Shop
7. Travel Office
8. Textbook Annex
9. Campus Center/Student Union (CC/SU) Commission 1994-2007
10. Student Union
11. Board of Governors


  • University of Massachusetts Amherst. Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst. Student Union
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