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Green Mountain Post/New Babylon Times

Green Mountain Post and New Babylon Times, 1969-1994.

6 issues

The New Babylon Times was a politically-informed countercultural literary magazine produced by members of the Montague Farm commune during the fall 1969. Edited by John Wilton, the first issue featured writing by commune stalwarts such as Ray Mungo, Verandah Porche, and Jon Maslow and photographs by Peter Simon, among others. Renamed the Green Mountain Post, the magazine appeared on an irregular basis until issue five in 1977, with writing and artwork by a range of associates of the commune, including Harvey Wasserman, Tom Fels, and Steve Diamond. In 1994, Fels edited a single issue of Farm Notes, in some ways a successor to the Post.

The Famous Long Ago Archive contains a complete run of the magazine, which have been digitized and made available on the SCUA website.

The issues
  • New Babylon Times, no. 1 (Fall 1969)
    John Wilton, “New York, Marrakech & Montague”
    Brian Keating, “Cancer city”
    Verandah Porche, “Letter from a foreign city”
    Carl Nagin, “Museum trips”
    Jon Maslow, “Dylan piece”
    Steve Lerner, “Idlwild Airport”
    Ray Mungo, “Absolutely exclusive to asylum”
    Jon Maslow, “The tower”
    Alexander Sorensen, “Note from Prague”
    Photos and artwork by Peter Simon, Steve Scolnick, D. A. Pennebaker, Eben Given
  • Green Mountain Post, no. 2 (1970)
    Paul Williams, “Time between”
    Verandah Porche, “Lament in winter”
    Jon Maslow, “Auto-Manua”
    Craig Spratt, “Forward!”
    Michael O’Donoghue, “Attack of the 90 foot macrobes”
    Ray Mungo, “From the 1969 book”
    Steve Diamond, “A death in the family”
    “The 1959 Volkswagen”
    Photos and artwork by Peter Simon, Peter Gould, Elliot Blinder, Dale Evans, Susan Anderson
  • Green Mountain Post, no. 3 (1971)
    Ray Mungo, “Listen:”
    Robert Wylie, “A Christmas memory”
    Steve Diamond, “Magician”
    Alex Kelly, “Minor poet’s corner”
    Marty Jezer, “Where Barf Barf is: A story for Ray”
    Verandah Porche, “Poem from the fever bed”
    Richard Wizansky, “Itching”
    Jon Maslow, “The body nobody knew”
    Peter Gould, “The Old-Paliad”
    Harvey Wasserman, “Old Man Thunderbunny”
    Photos and artwork by Doug Parker, Peter Simon, Elliot Blinder, Chris Green, David Yaghian, Laura Bradley, Alex Kelly
  • Green Mountain Post, no. 4 (Summer 1972)
    Toolie, “oh pommedetule”
    Tom Fels, “For sure game”
    Harvey Wasserman, “Chief Thunderbunny meets Mr. Big”
    Verandah Porche, “Tristes tropiques”
    Ray Mungo, “Chapters from Tropical Detective Story”
    C. Treadwell, “Humble Crystal Palace”
    Steve Diamond, “Translations from Cortazar”
    Anneke, “Transcendental art”
    Thomas Thomas, “Scotland journal”
    Doug Parker, “Good company, good times”
    Jon Maslow, “The fence-mender and the widow”
    Hugh Seidman, Poems
    Stephen Davis, “Three connections”
    Photos and artwork by Doug Parker, Chris Green, Peter Simon, Tony Matthews, Peter Gould, Marty Poyner, Alicia Bay Laurel, M. “Smokey” Fuller
  • Green Mountain Post, no. 5 (Spring 1977)
    John Wilton and Ray Mungo, “Through the looking glass”
    Alex Kelly, Norman Skougstad, and Jesse Kornbluth, Letters
    Harvey Wasserman, “Maui Wowee”
    Marshall Smith, “The unicorn”
    Alfredo Sandoz, “…circumstances surrounding the seizure…”
    Charles Grimes, “A dream”
    Michael Mathers, “Portraits: friends and strangers”
    Jacob Light, “Panama red”
    Charles Miller, “Earth poems”
    Paul Williams, “From Apple Bay”
    Dan Keller, “Dark side of the iceberg”
    Verandah Porche, “Love poem”
    Spencer Holst, “Pleasures of the imagination”
    Stephen Davis, “Moroccan sketchbook”
    Aanu Mungo, “Report from Tahiti”
    Jack Pfanne, “The Alaska Highway”
  • Farm Notes (Winter 1994)
    “Reunion notes”
    Steve Diamond, “A Buddha in the woods”
    Stephen Davis, “Except from Farm Notes, 1967-74″
    Susan Mareneck, “Letter from a Farm member”
    Marshall Bloom, “Voice from the past: excerpt from a document found in the barn this Spring”
    Marty Jezer, “Fritz Hewitt Hippie ambassador to Guilford”
    Anna Gyorgy, “Letter from Sierra Leone”
    Photographs by Tom Fels, Peter Simon, Emanuel Dunand, Laurie Cohen
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