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Western Massachusetts political leader, publisher, and banker (1881-1960), Trustee of the University of Massachusetts (1940-1956), and founder, editor and publisher of the Greenfield Recorder newspaper (1912-1928); political positions included State Representative (1909-1913), State Senator (1913-1915, 1923-1927), and State Treasurer (1929-1930); in 1934, was Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and in 1936, candidate for Governor. Includes scrapbooks (1903-1936), chiefly of clippings, together with speeches (1936), posters, badges, campaign material, and photographs, mainly from Haigis's unsuccessful campaigns for lieutenant governor (1934) and governor (1936); and tape of an interview (1974) with Leverett Saltonstall about Haigis, conducted by Craig Wallwork.


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John W. Haigis Sr. Papers
1903-1974 (Bulk: 1903-1936)
12 boxes (6 linear ft.)
Call no.: MS 304
Background on John W. Haigis

Western Massachusetts political leader, publisher, and banker John W. Haigis Senior (1881-1960), a Trustee of the University of Massachusetts 1940-1956, was the founder, editor, and publisher of the Greenfield Recorder, 1912-1928; founder of radio station WHAI, Greenfield, 1938; Director and President of the Franklin County Trust Co.; President of Massachusetts Trust Company Association; and Treasurer and Trustee of Deerfield Academy. In his political career he was successively Town Treasurer, Tax Collector, Assessor, and Water Commissioner for the town of Montague, 1903-1908; State Representative, 1909-1913; State Senator, 1913-1915 and 1923-1927; and State Treasurer, 1929-1930. He was the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 1934 and for Governor in 1936 when Alf M. Landon was the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Contents of Collection

The papers include over 90 metal 12 inch phonograph records, notes, and transcripts of speeches in the campaigns; posters, badges, and other campaign paraphernalia, principally from the 1934 and 1936 campaigns; and the tape of an interview about Haigis between U.S. Senator Leverett Saltonstall and Craig Wallwork in 1974; scrapbooks, principally clippings, 1903-1936; and photographs.

Collection inventory
Biographical materials; Elections and campaigns of 1934 and 1936: campaign buttons, speeches, clippings, and posters.

Box 1
Speech notes and drafts


Boston Ward Rally
1936, n.d.

Fireside radio talk
1936, n.d.

Speech for Taunton
Nov. 2, 1936

Washington Street Forum
Oct. 28, 1936

Social Security and Old Age Pensions, at Randolph
Oct. 23, 1936

Washington Street Rally
Oct. 22, 1936

Radio and rallies
Oct. 21, 1936

Radio address, WNAC
Oct. 21, 1936

Experience, Skill, and Morality in Government of Massachusetts
Oct. 19, 1936

Recording of speech present in collection.

Radio speech
Oct. 16, 1936

Radio speech, WBZ
Oct. 8, 1936

Recording of speech present in collection.

Lawrence and Lowell speech
Oct. 1, 1936

Recording of speech present in collection.


Box 2
Scrapbook: 1926-1936

Box 3
Scrapbook: Haigis for Governor Club

Box 4
Scrapbook: 1936 campaign

Box 5-10
Scrapbook: Buddie's scrapbook, 1915-1928

Box 11
Phonograph records of speeches (stored in box of recordings from ms collections on oversize shelves)

OS 12
Interview about Haigis with U.S. Senator L. Saltonstall
Jan. 15, 1974

Station WBZ
Nov. 2, 1936

Station WBZ
Nov. 1, 1936

American Program. Station WCOP
Nov. 1, 1936

Boston Garden Rally. Station WBZ
Oct. 31, 1936

Wages and Unemployment. Station WNAC
Oct. 30, 1936

John Shea. Station WAAB
Oct. 30, 1936

Graft and Corruption in Massachusetts. Station WAAB
Oct. 29, 1936

Support the National Ticket. Station WNAC
Oct. 28, 1936

Springfield Rally. Station WBZ
Oct. 26, 1936

Lynn Rally. Station WBZ
Oct. 24, 1936

Franco-American Rally. Station WBZ
Oct. 21, 1936

Restore Honest Government in Massachusetts. Station WNAC
Oct. 19, 1936

Typed notes for speech available in collection.

John Shea - Speaker. Station WNAC
Oct. 14, 1936

State Treasurer Corrupt - Dolan Security Trust. Station WBZ
Oct. 8, 1936

Typed notes for speech available in collection.

Hurley Speaks of Vague Generalities. Station WBZ
Oct. 1, 1936

Typed notes for speech available in collection.

Democrats Falsely Attack Haigis Labor Record. Station WBZ
Sept. 24, 1936

Victory Dinner - Hotel Bradford. Station WBZ
Sept. 17, 1936

Governor James Curley. Station WNAC
Sept. 14, 1936

Hon. Joseph Warner - Speaker. Station WBZ
Sept. 3, 1936

Hon. H. Parsons. Station WBZ
Aug. 27, 1936

Mr. Williams interviewing Mr. Haigis - Honesty of Purpose. Station WBZ
Aug. 20, 1936

Parker House Luncheon - Washburn and Haigis - Roosevelt Club. Station WBZ
Aug. 12, 1936

Polling of the Delegates at the Convention. Station WAAB
June 19, 1936

Nominating speeches. Station WAAB
June 19, 1936

Nominating speeches - E. Sutherland. Station WAAB
June 19, 1936

Hon. Henry Webster. Station WAAB
June 19, 1936

Station WAAB
June 19, 1936

Haigis Speaking to the Delegates Pre-Convention. Station WBZ
June 7, 1936

Young Republican Club. Station WBZ
May 24, 1936

New England Young Republican Convention. Station WAAB
May 22, 1936

Station WBZ
May 17, 1936

Sincere and Effective Leadership. Station WBZ
May 10, 1936

The Party Must Nominate a Ticket Which Can Win. Station WBZ
May 3, 1936

Station WBZ
Apr. 19, 1936

Oct. 8, 1936
Small disc records
Parts 5 & 4, Kasper & Gordon
Oct. 16, 1936
Plastic disc
Part 1, Kasper & Gordon
Oct. 15, 1936
Plastic disc
Irving Conn Show
Plastic disc
Administrative information

Acquired from: Mrs. Haigis, John Haigis Jr., Charles Winslow, and Craig Wallwork, 1973-1974.

Processing Information

Processed by Linda Seidman.


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