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To avoid creating a new page for a topic that already exists, review the site's list of articles or search the site for the topic you are seeking. If the page does not exist, we invite you to create it by following the steps below.

  • Add the title of the article you are creating to our alphabetical list of articles. Be sure you enclose the title in double square brackets; this is the wiki syntax for internal links. There are some general rules to follow for ensuring that the pages sort alphabetically. One, for titles of works that begin with an initial article (ex. a, an, the), file them under the first letter of the second word. Two, for personal names, file them under the first letter of the individual's last name (ex. Smith, Harriet). If you have questions about where or how to file a new article, please contact SCUA archivists for assistance.
  • Once you save the “articles” page the title you just added will appear as a red link. Click on this link. Since the page does not exist, the wiki will prompt you to create it by clicking on “Create this page” link.
  • Enter the title for the new page at the top (to format the title according to our best practices, highlight the entire text and click on the “H1” button from the editing menu).
  • Write your article.
  • Click on “Save” at the bottom of the editing screen.
  • Review your work.
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