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Subject: Sample, George C.

Date: undated

Reference no. 332

Subject: Sampson, Rubye

Date: undated

Reference no. 153

Subject: Sawyer, Samuel W.

Date: undated

Reference no. 323

Subject: Saying Good-bye at Peking Airport

Date: 1962 November

Reference no. 687

Subject: Sayles, Arnette F.

Date: undated

Reference no. 210

Subject: Scene from Star of Ethiopia pageant

Reference no. 412

Subject: Scott, James E., 1st Lt., 367th Inf. Camp Upton, N. Y.

Date: ca.1917-1918

Reference no. 570


  • African American soldiers.
  • World War, 1914-1918.

Subject: Seabrook, John J., Jr.

Date: undated

Reference no. 140

Subject: Shanghai

Date: ca.1959

Reference no. 694

Subject: Shanghai, China(?)

Date: ca.1959

Reference no. 716

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