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Subject: Du Bois, W.E.B. and Shirley Graham Du Bois, Ghana

Date: 1961

Reference no. 769

Subject: Gadson, James H.

Date: undated

Reference no. 295

Subject: Gardner, Anna B.

Date: undated

Reference no. 159

Subject: Gaskin, Emma Erene

Date: undated

Reference no. 151

Subject: Geeder, Mrs.

Date: undated

Reference no. 274

Subject: German visitor to Du Bois, Ghana

Date: ca.1961

Reference no. 768

Subject: Ghanaian Ambassador, his wife and Ghanaian Embassy staff entertain Du Bois, Peking, China

Date: 1962

Reference no. 709, 713

Subject: Ghanaian Ambassador, wife, and Du Bois at Ghanaian Embassy, Peking, China

Date: 1962 September

Reference no. 710

Subject: Ghanaian Embassy Officials in China

Date: 1959

Reference no. 714

Subject: Gibbons School baby?

Date: undated

Reference no. 051

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