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Some Notes on Negro Crime Particularly in Georgia, Atlanta University Publications no. 9 (Atlanta: Atlanta University Press, 1904)

One Response to “Some Notes on Negro Crime Particularly in Georgia”

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    Sawathian Simmons Hicks From Albany Ga. Says:

    I agree we put to much emphasis on racism,instead we should focus more on educating our people. It is our job to tell the young men that killing another black person does not make you a heroe. Put your guns away and stop passing the ignorance from one generation to the next. The KKK are just sitting back listening to how we are murdering one another. We need our people to walk away from drug wheather it be selling or using. Drugs are ruining our race. Majority of the black on black crime is drug related or gang affilation. We need to stop being ignorant and look at the whole picture. Men need take responsibilitie for their children and stop leaving black children fatherless.We are pulling ourselve down. Yes, ther is still racism but the buck of it is we ourselves. This is what I tell my kid and sibiling anybody can be inmate number 86754. But I want them to be Doctors,Lawyer and Judges. I can see the era in my youth and it hurts. I live in the neighboorhood I grew up in sometimes it sadden me. I want my family to beat the odds.

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