Nova Scotia String Beans (1916)

Nova Scotia beans

Submitted by Lillian P. Powers

Break the tender pods into several pieces, and boil them in slightly salted water. To 3 quarts of beans add 1 small onion. When the beans are nearly done, allow the water to boil away, leaving the beans dry, then season with pepper, salt and butter. Stir into the beans 2 potatoes that have been thoroughly mashed, and add 1 cup of hot, thick cream.

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Prune Salad (1916)

Prune salad

Submitted by Dora H. Gross

Cook prunes as for sauce. Be sure they do not come to pieces. When cool, remove the seeds and fill with the following mixture: Equal parts of cream cheese and chopped English walnut meats moistened with a little sherry. Serve on lettuce leaves with French dressing.

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Spanish Rice (1916)

Spanish Rice

Submitted by M.R. Hamilton

1 large cup of stewed tomatoes, 1 small cup rice, 1 large cup chicken broth, soup stock or beef broth, 1 cup small bits of chicken or meat, a bit of onion, salt and pepper, small bits of parsley or celery. Bring liquid to a boil. Add rice and simmer about ½ hour, stirring occasionally. If dry, add more stock. Serve hot. This is a good dish for small left-overs.

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