Cape Cod Turkey (1941)

Cape Cod Turkey

½ lb. salt codfish
3 oz. salt pork
½ cup milk

Cover the fish with cold water. Bring to a boil. Drain, and boil again. Meanwhile, try out the salt pork, and add an equal amount of flour. Blend the fat and flour. Add the milk to make a gravy. Pour this gravy over the boiled fish.

At first, the cod was salted only in order to preserve it. Them, during the winter, when salt fish was the only fish that they could get, they began to make a virtue out of their necessity. They sold themselves the notion that they liked salt cod. They laid in a supply of well-cured codfish not only in the fall. They laid it in two times a year. Then, after a while, they became convinced that they actually liked the salt cod better than they liked fresh.

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Fish Hash (1941)


2 cups cooked fish
2 cups boiled potatoes
½ onion
Salt and pepper

Chop fish, potatoes and onion. Mix. Season. Fry until brown.

Compare with Salt-Fish Hash (p. 47)

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Tony’s Clam Cakes (1941)


1 pt. ground clams
2 beaten eggs
2 tablespoons flour
Season highly with pepper

Fry in butter in skillet until brown. Turn and brown the other side.

Mind you, I am not saying a word against the special Clams on the Half-shell. Little Necks or Cherry-stones are irreproachable when they are eaten in this fashion.

Mind you, I am not saying a word against the special plates you serve ‘em on, against the fastidious cocktail-bowl that you’ve set in the middle of each plate, against that alluring cocktail sauce you have put into each bowl. I am not breathing a single syllable against your dressy little doilies, your dainty little silver forks. I merely say you’ll like your quahaugs more if you don’t get so — – formal.

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